November 17, 2008

17:37 GMT

The U.N.'s nuclear watchdog chief said Monday the agency needs more transparency from Syria and others to determine whether traces of uranium found at

November 15, 2008

19:05 GMT

Following the recent announcement of the Lebanese Star Wael Kfoury as its ambassador for mobile phones, global digital innovator LG Electronics announ

12:28 GMT

In response to confessions aired by Syria's state television, the Beirut-based al-Mustaqbal newspaper on Saturday carried testimonies made by Fatah al

November 14, 2008

05:21 GMT

The great Syrian singer George Al Wasoof is released after a long night he spent arrested and kept at the police department in Statham Sweden

November 13, 2008

04:12 GMT

The Syrian actress Jomanah Murad denied what’s been spreading about her playing the role of the late singer “Asmahan” in the new television drama series “Farid Al Atrash”

November 10, 2008

20:19 GMT

U.N. investigators have located traces of uranium at a Syrian site Washington says was a secret nuclear reactor almost built before Israel bombed the

November 2, 2008

20:22 GMT

Syria's foreign minister on Sunday said his country may resort to more "painful" measures if the United States does not give an official explanation f

18:22 GMT

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Sunday urged the cabinet to take a decision regarding Syria's alleged involvement in smuggling weapons to Hizbu

November 1, 2008

19:21 GMT

Iraq sent police reinforcements Saturday to the Syrian border after last weekend's U.S. raid in Syria raised tension between the two countries

October 31, 2008

04:38 GMT

Syrian actress Dina Haroun will star in the third episode of the television drama series “Nisaa Min Al Badyah” (Women of The Desert), aired on Abu Dhabi channel

04:32 GMT

The Syrian actor Samer Al Masri, who played the role of ‘Al Aqid Abu Shahab’ in the famous Syrian television drama series “Bab AL Harah” (Neighborhood Door), denied rumors that he will not appear in t

October 30, 2008

13:30 GMT

Tens of thousands of Syrians turned out Thursday for a massive protest against a deadly U.S. raid near the Iraqi border.

October 29, 2008

15:22 GMT

Syria demanded Wednesday that the U.S. and Iraq apologize for an American commando raid mounted from Iraqi territory that killed eight people.

October 28, 2008

14:41 GMT

The Syrian authorities have ordered that an American school and a U.S. cultural center in Damascus be closed in response to a deadly raid by American

October 27, 2008

16:34 GMT

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem on Monday accused the United States of "terrorist aggression" over a deadly raid on a village near the Syria-Ira