July 19, 2006

12:34 GMT

At least two Israeli soldiers were killed in clashes with Hizbullah fighters along the border on Wednesday afternoon.

07:48 GMT

Israel hit Lebanon from the air and made limited ground attacks across the border on Wednesday, killing 35 civilians, Reuters reported.

04:22 GMT

All music festivals, concerts and entertainment activities in Lebanon has been either cancelled or postponed to an unknown date, and until the situation is stable once more in the country that is goin

July 18, 2006

22:04 GMT

Estimating that 400,000 people have already left their homes in Lebanon, with another 500,000 expected to flee the bombardment if it continues in the

16:02 GMT

At least 11 civilians died in more than 50 Israeli air-strikes on Lebanon early Tuesday.

15:38 GMT

Lebanese singer Nicole Saba announced that she has doubled her fee for all performances, particularly in touristy locations

11:07 GMT

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Tuesday Israel would be ready to call a cease-fire with Hizbullah if its captured troops are returned, the Lebanese

July 17, 2006

21:03 GMT

As Israeli jets pounded Lebanon in a new wave of air raids Monday, Hizbullah continued to bomb northern Israel in the bloody confrontation, which has

14:54 GMT

Iran's foreign minister said Monday a cease-fire and a prisoner swap would be "acceptable and fair" in the Israeli-Lebanese conflict.

12:13 GMT

A volley of Katyusha rockets struck Haifa, Tiberias, Safed and other Israeli towns on Monday afternoon, hours after six people were lightly wounded as

07:21 GMT

Israel's top-secret military air traffic control centre in Miron and the nerve-centre of the Israeli northern military command destroyed by Hizbollah

06:24 GMT

Hizbullah and Israel traded fierce barrages for a sixth day Monday. In the early hours of Monday, witnesses reported that waves of Israeli airstrikes

02:39 GMT

Her tough childhood and personal life has inspired Lebanese singer Najwa Karam to write a special song about her mother

July 16, 2006

20:42 GMT

Leaders of the G8 group of world powers called for "an end to Israeli military operations" in the Middle East and demanded that "extremists" stop shel