March 21, 2006

17:33 GMT

Producer Mai Imsahal has filed a number charges against Lebanese singer Yuri Imrakadi to the Association of Actors and to The Cinema Chamber demanding to bring his acting career to and end, and to sto

17:29 GMT

Moroccan officials have rejected a request by Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi to hold a charity concert for HIV research

March 20, 2006

19:39 GMT

Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama will appear as the guest of honor in a celebrity race in Bahrain on March 10, announced at a recent Beirut press conference

March 19, 2006

16:16 GMT

Israel on Sunday delivered a stern message to Hizbullah.

09:18 GMT

After a several year absence, Lebanese singer Juana Malah has returned to the scenes with her new album "Hatifdal Fi Albi" (You Will Remain in my Heart), which has been witnessing significant success

March 17, 2006

19:01 GMT

Lebanese singer Maya Nasri has been filming a new music video for the song “Rouh” (Go) with young director Emile Saleeyati

March 16, 2006

16:28 GMT

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on Thursday telephoned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to thank him for Damascus' cooperation on the probe into the m

12:12 GMT

Lebanese security forces on Thursday stopped protestors from reaching the US embassy near Beirut where they wanted to demonstrate against what the U.S

09:16 GMT

Lebanese authorities on Wednesday requested the extradition from Brazil of Rana Koleilatm, a former executive of the Al Madina Bank in Lebanon, suspec

March 15, 2006

13:11 GMT

Lebanese singer Lebanese singer Diana Haddad is preparing for the release of her upcoming album in the coming couple of weeks under the production of Alam El Phan Production Company

13:09 GMT

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad is currently preparing for a new duet with a male singer, but whose identity she refuses to reveal

13:07 GMT

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad is currently placing the final touches on her upcoming album scheduled for release in the near future

11:57 GMT

The United Nations report into the assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri is reliable, "objective and very professional," said Syrian D

March 14, 2006

21:37 GMT

Prominent Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury is preparing to record a new duet with singer Dina Hayek