June 5, 2014

Nisreen has been exposed as an home-wrecker by Dima. (Image: Facebook)
12:26 GMT

Dima Bayaa opened up about why she finally chose to tell the truth about her ex-husband's betrayal years after it's all been done and dusted!

For the first time in decades, there were multiple candidates on the ballot. (AFP/File)
06:49 GMT

President Bashar Assad has won Tuesday's election, winning 88.7% of the vote.

June 4, 2014

Sing it, sister! Ruwaida Attieh took the Atlantic City stage by storm. (Image: Facebook)
20:31 GMT

Taking the stage by storm, Ruwaida Attieh sang her heart out on her second US tour stop.

Lebanon is home to over one million Syrian refugees (File/AFP)
15:52 GMT

Saudi Arabia's envoy to Lebanon, Ali Awad Asiri said Wednesday that a new aid program for Syrian refugees would provide $1.8 million over the next six months along with additional shelter and food.

Lebanon has welcome millions of refugees into the country, but the drastic population increase has caused severe strain on the Lebanese economy. (AFP/File)
13:38 GMT

The Lebanese Social Affairs Minister announced Wednesday that Lebanon would now only receive refugees who are fleeing from nearby border areas in Syria.

An anti-regime protester splashes red paint over a Bashar al-Assad poster in Paris (File/AFP)
11:48 GMT

Syrians opposed to President Bashar al-Assad's regime staged counter polls across the Middle East to condemn Tuesday's election.

Nusra Front and ISIL are fighting each other as well as battling Assad's regime in Syria. (AFP/File)
08:55 GMT

Clashes continue between al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The fighting has killed at least 60 militants this week.

Ahead of Syria´s impending elections, public support for Bashar Al Assad is only increasing (AFP/ File).
08:00 GMT

Assad has gone from protests against him that sparked a civil war to a majority population wanting him elected.

A visa request by Syrian filmmaker Mohamed Malas was turned down by Egyptian authorities on Monday. (Image:
07:23 GMT

Syrian filmmaker Mohamed Malas was supposed to preside the jury at Ismailia international film festival, but Egyptian authorities had other ideas!

June 3, 2014

The campaign ads sparked a global outcry from Syrian opposition groups, prompting Facebook to remove all "sponsored" adverts (File/AFP)
16:22 GMT

Facebook removed campaign ads by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's office on its site after an outcry from opposition groups.

In the past two weeks, seven Hezbollah members have now been killed fighting in Syria (File/AFP)
12:31 GMT

An additional four Hezbollah members were killed in Syria violence Tuesday, bringing the death toll up to seven in the past two weeks from the Lebanese Shia group.

Bashar al-Assad voted on Tuesday alongside his British-born wife Asma (Image: Facebook)
11:17 GMT

President Bashar al-Assad voted with his wife Asma in Syria's widely criticized elections Tuesday according to the country's state broadcaster.

Lebanon’s gross domestic product dropped 2.9 percent annually between 2012 and 2014
11:07 GMT

The conflict in Syria has cost Lebanon $7.5 billion as it struggles to cope with hosting more than a million refugees from the neighboring country

Assad is widely expected to win Syria's presidential election. (AFP/File)
08:56 GMT

Hundreds of Syrian refugees flocked to border polling stations to vote in the presidential elections despite a threat from the Lebanese government that their refugee status might be revoked if they return to Syria.

Many analysts have argued that the Syrian elections will in no way be free and fair. (AFP/File)
07:02 GMT

Syrians are heading to the polls this morning to vote in the presidential elections.