September 28, 2007

21:34 GMT

A Syrian cleric who recruited young Muslims to fight U.S.-led forces in Iraq was assassinated in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday, his aid

September 25, 2007

14:40 GMT

North Korea Tuesday dismissed once again reports that it was providing nuclear material for Syria as allegations "fabricated by lunatics".

September 24, 2007

12:25 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday said his country is not interested in violent conflict with Syria, adding that he is confident that recen

September 23, 2007

17:49 GMT

Lebanese producer Simon Asmar wasn’t afraid to show his admiration for the TV host Hala Sarhan after being away from television for many months

12:50 GMT

Elite Israeli forces seized North Korean nuclear material during a raid on a secret military facilty in Syria before Israeli warplanes bombed it Septe

September 21, 2007

11:05 GMT

American government sources have said that Israel shared intelligence information with the Bush Administration this summer indicating that North Korea

September 19, 2007

21:52 GMT

Christian MP Antoine Ghanem was assassinated by a powerful bomb that targeted his car in east Beirut’s Sin el-Feel suburb.

11:01 GMT

Famous Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman just decided to move and live in Egypt on a permanent basis after buying an apartment at Al Ma’adi area in Cairo

September 18, 2007

09:12 GMT

North Korea's foreign ministry Tuesday denied allegations that the country may be helping Syria develop a nuclear weapons facility.

September 17, 2007

17:30 GMT

Syria on Monday reopened two border crossings with northern Lebanon that were closed in May over alleged security concerns, witnesses and Lebanon's st

10:13 GMT

Syria Islamic International Bank opened for business on Saturday in its temporary headquarters at the Meridian hotel, providing banking services and advanced financing and investment based on Islamic

September 16, 2007

19:30 GMT

Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakhrji participated with ‘Al’Aan’ television crew on celebrating the channel’s first anniversary

12:02 GMT

The Sunday Times of London provides additional information on the September 6 foray of Israeli warplanes into Syria

September 14, 2007

20:03 GMT

A senior American official said Friday that Syria was on the U.S. nuclear "watch list,'' asserting that foreign technicians were in the country and th

September 13, 2007

19:56 GMT

North Korea may be helping Syria build some kind of nuclear facility, a US newspaper reported Thursday, citing unnamed intelligence sources.