May 12, 2009

12:51 GMT

The Syrian ambassador to Turkey was quoted as saying Tuesday Damascus was ready to re-start indirect peace contacts with Israel via Ankara's mediation

May 11, 2009

10:45 GMT

Al-Qaeda in Iraq returned after a period of lull to use Syrian soil to smuggle fighters into Iraq, The Washington Post reported.

03:28 GMT

The Syrian actress Safa Sultan was chosen to play by the role of late Egyptian actress “Laila Murad” in the television drama series “Qitharat Al Sharq” (The Eastern Guitar), about her life and musical

May 10, 2009

11:39 GMT

Israel'sPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Sunday that "Israel will not withdraw from the Golan Heights."

May 8, 2009

19:29 GMT

The U.S. administration on Friday extended sanctions on Syria. President Barack Obama signed an executive order renewing the five-year-old measure for

May 7, 2009

12:55 GMT

Syria's foreign minister on Thursday dismissed American pressure to amend an Arab peace proposal to Israel to make it more palatable to the Jewish sta

11:26 GMT

The Egyptian-American IPR company announced Wednesday oil discovery in al-Rashid well 1 in Der Ezzor, Syria.

May 6, 2009

15:20 GMT

Jeffrey Feltman, acting US secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, and National Security Council Senior Director Daniel Shapiro are visiting Syri

May 5, 2009

19:41 GMT

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad affirmed in a joint press conference with his Iranian peer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad following their talks on Tuesday the

May 4, 2009

10:30 GMT

Syrian Lou'loua (Pearl) Airlines company on Sunday received its first rented BAe planes, which include 96 seats.

May 3, 2009

03:15 GMT

The Syrian actor Tayem Al Hasan refused an offer by the well-known Syrian director Basam Al Mala to take part in the fourth part of the famous Syrian television drama series “Bab Al Harah” (The Neighb

April 30, 2009

15:26 GMT

At least 13 people died in a shooting incident at a college in Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku, on Thursday when a gunman opened fire on teachers and

01:59 GMT

The young Syrian artist Rowaida Ateyah wore a white wedding dress in her video clip for the song “Sho Sahel Al Haki” (Talking Is Easy)

April 28, 2009

07:40 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Assad defended Lebanon's Hizbullah against allegations that the Shiite movement planned to carry out multiple attacks in Egypt

02:40 GMT

Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman will be participating in this year’s ‘ART Oscar Festival’