Pastor Terry Jones Burns Quran to Protest Jailing of Iranian Pastor

Pastor Terry Jones Burns Quran to Protest Jailing of Iranian Pastor
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Pastor Jones need to stay with the people that following him and do his own "religion" thing and not expose OUR SECURITY as american citizen. No we have a "USA citizen" dead because his "actions". STOP STOP STOP in the name of all inocents that could die for your actions! We love our peace who are you to put all USA in jeopardy!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!

Mrs. Ounis (not verified) Wed, 09/12/2012 - 01:53

Honestly! Shame on you Pastor Jones and all the follow you. I am sure that all that you and all the people that follow you never had the experience of sharing and meeting 'REAL MUSLIM" and not the little groups called "Islam" that just have a personal agenda and use do it in the name of "Muslim". I have the authority to talk because I have REAL MUSLIMs friends. I love them and respect them because they respect me too. People in USA just listen to what the media says. They don't study, travel and relate with them. The REAL MUSLIM are peaceful people and good people. They are hard workers they do not intervene with the USA. They work, have family time, religion time and are great people. I can say because I been in their country. They treatment like a Queen and not like the media said that the women are mistreated. Hey are happy women, wives, daughters. What happen is that people in USA need to read and do their own research and not listen to what the media said. What about if they burn our "Bible" how we will like it? Don't be a bunch of morons. They believe in Jesus and loves him as we do and they believe that he will come to the "Judgement Date". They respect lets us respect them as well. If we in USA will be at least at least 1/4 as family as they are OMG we will have the most fantastic nation. Come on people get a life! Stop the hate. Or we don't have a Colorado killer, Oklaoma Killer.... do you want we to keep going? We have good and bad people as any other nation. Research on the twin towers. Read the Engineers said that the buildings had been set with an "implosion" that two airplanes didn't destroy the building the way the twin towers did! PLEASE we are smart and intelligent people think with you own mind use your common sense and S E A R CH! It was more a lot more than what have been said in the media. The truth will never been said by CIA and USA government. This is our country and we love it but as a good father you have to accept the wrong things of your own children!

Mrs. Ounis (not verified) Wed, 09/12/2012 - 01:46

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