Disabled pilgrimage made easy

Disabled pilgrimage made easy
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My name is Mamadou DIAO.I'm MUSLIM born in Senegal.i'm living in italy for medicals cure since 2005.
i am a needfull disabled person.insted my serious fisical handicap,i reah to use the basis of computer with an old second hand pc. uor IMAM for immigrated had suggested to open a social bank account for seaking help to risolve my serious social situation.with your generous help, i could go back to my country for creating an own activity like a little call center in my village in Senegal.i would be very happy and proud to have the opportunity to take myself in charge.ALLAH BLESS your generous actions for poors.ALHAMDOULILLAH.
Here is my social bank account references :
UBI-Banca popolare di Bergamo, in italy
Mamadou DIAO
IBAN : IT24B0542852480000000003755

asking help for needfull disabled muslim. (not verified) Sun, 07/28/2013 - 10:28

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