The Brotherhood's Sinai test: Will Morsi pass?

The Brotherhood's Sinai test: Will Morsi pass?
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Published August 9th, 2012 - 12:52 GMT via

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Mohammed Morsi wants to deal harshly with those responsible in the Sinai Crisis.
Mohammed Morsi wants to deal harshly with those responsible in the Sinai Crisis.
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Pending the disclosure of the identity of the dead attackers who took part in the operation against the Egyptian military post in Sinai and whose bodies were delivered by Israel to the Egyptian authorities; and pending the arrest of their partners and running investigations with them, the speculations around the nature and goals of the attack abound. The suspicions are focused on the "Jihadists" who are striving in Sinai where the official security grip has become weak.

However, these "Jihadists" are still to be determined and we still have to learn whether they are "locals" who benefitted from the developments of the Egyptian situation and from some sort of collusion with their counterparts in the Gaza district; or whether they belong to the "Jihadist" group that was deployed in Iraq for the interest of some regional powers.

Regardless, the attack highlighted a bunch of important facts in the Egyptian-Palestinian-Israeli border triangle, such as the fact that this region represents the weak spot of Sinai's security status both on the Egyptian and the Palestinian sides, which has allowed for the execution of this major bloody attack in such ease.

Most probably, a lot of time would have elapsed without arresting these attackers and uncovering their identities had they fled in the direction of the desert instead of crossing over to Israel where they were killed in an air raid that targeted the vehicle they had seized from the Egyptian post.

Furthermore, the Egyptian-Palestinian borders are still being infiltrated not only by smugglers of goods but also by the "Jihadists" coming from Egypt who find a safe haven in the Gaza district or vice versa. Each time an attack was carried in Sinai against the Egyptian forces or the tourists, Cairo would announce that it suspects some sides within Gaza. This was also the case in the last attack. This reality will have a direct reflection on the Gaza siege - especially with respect to the passageways and tunnels - either through a direct Egyptian decision or through the Israeli pressure, especially that Israel always says that the attackers were coming from or through Sinai.

In this sense, Israel is reaping the outcomes of these attacks especially through its pushing in the direction of some measures that ultimately serve its security vision of the border triangle and in highlighting its constant readiness and military excellence at a time when the Egyptian side is showing an incomprehensible weakness, and a weakness that is not justified by the restraints of the peace treaty.

Focusing on the fact that Israel has politically benefitted from these terrorist attack does not mean that the actual perpetrators must not be chased after. Through their actions, these perpetrators are serving the Israeli interests either by demolishing the security in Egypt or by offering pretexts to the Israeli propaganda with respect to dealing with the Palestinians. And although the latest Egyptian military statement stressed that the perpetrators of the latest attack are terrorists who received support from the Gaza district, the Muslim Brothers group, which has seen one of its members access the post of Egypt's president, quickly accused the Israeli Mossad of standing behind the attack before launching any serious or credible investigation. This position echoed that of the ousted Palestinian government in the Gaza district.

We do stress that the Mossad will not hesitate to execute killing operations whenever the Israeli interests call for that. However, by hastily accusing the Mossad of carrying out the latest attack, one would be disregarding a bunch of facts concerning the situation in Sinai.

On the one hand, this accusation serves to mislead people around the true identity of the perpetrators. Thus, it serves to hinder any official action aimed at dealing with this phenomenon at a time when President Morsi pledged to be strict in dealing with it. On the other hand, holding Israel responsible of the radical outburst in our countries serves to encourage those people with radical tendencies especially in light of the new atmosphere in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood has the upper political hand, and in the Gaza territory where the Palestinian branch of the Brotherhood is in power. 


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