Lebanese Shaking off the veil: When Hijab is not compatible with tight jeans

Lebanese Shaking off the veil: When Hijab is not compatible with tight jeans
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The Hijab is not an Icon or criteria to determine a girl is Muslim or god
fearing in terms of any Quranic teachings. The hair to toe encapsulating Muslim female wear is just a non sense or a discomfort for any female. Most Muslim women is very decent,educated and why they are punished enforcing on their
outfit by others is simply beyond any thought!! The right to choose
what to wear is the right of every human life and none has any
right to enforce what he wants on any other female which is
discouraged and penalized by enacting law appropriately. Also,
the law allows any female to marry any female and the supreme
court heard what the parliament has to say in regards to same sex
consensual engagement by adults. The people who authoritatively
talk & discuss about female Muslim dress & insist that they must
wear the hair to toe black dress (Hijab) pretends like 'i dont know
anything' and if that is the tune, i would like them to go to You
Tube and just watch & enjoy Lebanese belly dancing, then ask the question 'is this girls from Lebanon.Yes indeed they are, they
are Muslims too!!! so you can see the 'Fatwa makers' walking around and staring at the Muslim belly dancers a!@ like idiots!!!
So, check the site at you tube!!! The same Fatwa makers are the
ones who preach Hijab in the open and naked women in the
'chai mai hookah dhukan' in the dark!!! what a contrast!!!

Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 05/08/2012 - 16:59

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