You won't believe this politician who said Christians cannot be Arabs...

You won't believe this politician who said Christians cannot be Arabs...
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I am a middle eastern Christian and I definitely do not call myself Arab for the simple reason that "Arab." Arab is a cultural reference not a reference to where you are born specifically, Islamic culture. I do not follow any modern Arab conventions thus calling myself Arab would be extremely misleading to anyone that meets me. Modern Arabs are lazy but act like they work hard when they don't understand what that means (nor did I until I moved to an industrialized country), their demeanor is arrogant believing they are the greatest society on earth (that was centuries ago, now they are the same level as African tribes who kill each other), poorly educated (what was the last major scientific or inventive discovery made by an Arab without need for overseas education or outsider involvement?), self centered bigots claiming to care about other but only if others like the way they want you to, and mean spirited. Arabs also love to point out any negative that make them look better. For example when I bring up all the points above, most love to reply by stating there are lazy Britain's that do nothing and get free money. This is true, but those people are less than 5% of the population. They completely ignore the rest of the people and other accomplishments that make them look 10x worse and only compare themselves with the worst minority of every other society (fallacious arguments).

I am a big fan of the old Arab culture of centuries ago. The modern Arab has no connection to that Arab society which was made up of scientists and scholars building colleges around the world for anyone to enter and learn. Those Arabs were great and missed. Now they culture is 100% theology and science, knowledge and communication is evil. Instead of opening libraries and writing books, communicating with everyone and hungering for knowledge and documenting and learning, they cut off education, sensor their own people (internet & TV), keep half their population paralyzed and border line subjugated (women), and harbor unbelievable anger not just for the outside world, but for people of their own culture as well. The modern Arab culture is a cancer very much like any socially conservative culture in all of human history including modern conservatives that have nearly destroyed countries like the USA and various places in Europe. Social conservatism is the epitome of human arrogance and always results in the dismantling and destruction of said society and right now, Arabs the one of the worst social conservatives on the planet.

Anonymous (not verified) Sat, 01/11/2014 - 18:16

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