Jesus Foresaw Prophet Mohammad's Arrival in Old Bible Found in Turkey

Jesus Foresaw Prophet Mohammad's Arrival in Old Bible Found in Turkey
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The only thing that is disappointing is to see so many "believers" debate without using any reference to scripture. We stay locked in these debates based off our own feelings. Let's go to the word... both beliefs started off as brothers from the same father both with a promise given from GOD almighty... the Qu'ran states Jesus is the son of GOD and the Bible is the truth and should be used as a reference. Sura 3:45-3:50 states Jesus is "The Messiah" ..."one of the closests to me prominent in this life and the here after", states he will revive the dead, and an angel comes to Mary tells her she will birth "The Messiah" the word of GOD in her belly and Mary replies to the angel how can I birth a son if no man has touched me?" Clear solid indications Jesus has no earthly Father. Sura 10:94-95 states "And if thou art in doubt concerning which we reveal unto thee, than question those who read the Scripture (that was) before thee..." Sura 3:3 states "he has sent down apon youb the Book in truth confirming what was before it and he revealed the Torah and the gospel before as guidance for the people. powerful stuff right in the Qu'ran. The other distinction is that Jesus and the Bible repeats that we are to submit to GOD and that Jesus is not GOD but is the son of GOD, the word of GOD, the saviour because of his sacrifice and revelations to guide us to GOD in a righteous manner, the "Messiah". Jesus repeats his plea to many when they bow before him and he states worship my father in heaven over and over. But do know John 14:7-9 Jesus states "if you have seen me you have seen my father..." John 5:23 "all honor the son, just as they honor the father..." and the end my point the Qu'ran states 3:103 "all of you do not be divided..." 3:113 "they are not all the same among the followers of the scripture..." peace and blessings to all those that seek GOD in spirit and in truth...

Authentic (not verified) Thu, 09/06/2012 - 15:27

The Koran says believe in me, you go to heaven, others go to HELL.
Bible says believe in me, you go Heaven, others go to HELL.
I say we cheers, live a good life and go to heaven either way!
To Hell with these debates and bulls!@#!

Kingsley (not verified) Wed, 07/04/2012 - 03:35

Love,Forgiveness,heavan and hell-
Jesus pushed these for a very good reason,until we grasp and master these 2 love forgiveness,we will have no part in his fathers Kingdom.
for any one to say jesus was only a man like goerge bush or bob dylan,is crazy-he told the disiples that he had come down from heavan,-for the Moslems sake i hope muhhamaad was right.-ps many Christians believe in Gods promise to arabs thru Hagar,a people of God like christians and jews-we dont see reason for koran or later message-peace-aussie non church christian of 10 years.

Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 07/16/2012 - 15:19

If the jesus is god means why he should grace only israle people only,there is no people in the around world and this peopls have no problem in his life?

Truth word's. (not verified) Sun, 08/05/2012 - 15:18

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