AMERICAN IN ARABIA: says MDNA don't preach peace!

AMERICAN IN ARABIA: says MDNA don't preach peace!
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Be real Ali. You are right Madonna is today what she ha been for three decades- an intellectual lightweight. This criticism, no historical fact, does not stem from male chauvinism or a lack of appreciation for her artistic vision, which remains locked in a sad time warp. The problem with Madonna as she thows herslf around the stage with silly symbolism and trite unsophisticated calls for peace is her blind support for Zionism, and Israel coupled with her Western arrogance and inability to grow up. Enough said.

Steven G (not verified) Fri, 06/08/2012 - 05:07

It is alarming that so much criticism is being served towards one of the biggest music legends of the planet. It is no news, Madonna causing controversy, because that happens without her even trying. We have all known facts that in the last 30 decades she has been pulsating her state of mind through music endlessly, and has done wonders for pop culture through entertainment, by being provocative which to her, is second nature. Now there is no doubt that the world needs peace and needs it what is wrong with the queen of pop trying to make a change in her original style, which we are all aware of for decades. Lots of people have been creating a fuss regarding guns on stage and a blood dance...little do they understand a metaphor. A bad divorce and expressing anger through music is not out of the norm. She uses that imagery as a metaphor and is most certainly not trying to portray a murderer. How many peace movies have we watched, which depicted war and showed killings and catastrophic massacre? Yet we pack the theaters and turn them into the biggest block busters of all times. A woman showing power and control is always threatening to the male chauvinists of the world. Try pulling down someone your own size...cause she is out of reach!

Ali F (not verified) Wed, 06/06/2012 - 23:45

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