Saudi Man Arrested for Arranging Gay Dates Online

Saudi Man Arrested for Arranging Gay Dates Online
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The European Centre is a weird place to work. The main hall is like an art museum and there is lots of wires, pipes and charis jammed into cupboards. Some of the teachers go on forums to rant and rave about how bad their experiences were but these are people who are never satisfied anywhere.There is no totally enjoyable experience at European Centre because it is a minimalist educational church. It is entertaining to work there and is a window into the human soul. Lighthearted and relaxed personalities will enjoy some of the bizarre situations that occur in the classroom and the office. TEFL bitches should avoid it. As should other spiteful nancies, queens and persons dependent on alcohol. Think quasi-Lutheran church with a selfless adherence to the faith as expounded by a black pope in Riyadh. The coastline of Jubail is scenic and the nearby restaurants serve nice food. Jubail town has a tatty kind of charm and offers nice shops with a few compounds scattered around that have western refreshments.Sharing houseing is a hit or miss thing as you may be required to live alongside with some of the longer term monks of the European Centre. The tales are colourful to say the least. One if a pasty-faced Norman Bates neo-conservative and another is a two-bit Italian fraudster. Both ply their trade in a factory as a teacher and a management guru respectively. Other members of staff are generally more grounded but the kink and quirk factors rise according to the lunar cycles. There are more freaks at European Centre during the months of April, May and October. Note that Ramadan schedules often involve doing a night shift which also attracts various glo-bugs and pederasts from the student body.Salaries are not bad and there are opportunities for overtime. It is not hell on Earth by any means. Set your mind to zone-out, ignore the stupid people and collect your cash. Leave quietly and be thankful you didn't land the job at International House.

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