Saudis may force women to cover seductive eyes

Saudis may force women to cover seductive eyes
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O people of Egypt plz ponder who will gain if your beloved country burns and people die. Revolutions need not necessarily be through blood bath of countrymen. Of course all modern revolutions succeeded through human blood bath but history is testimony to the peaceful and just revolution under the leader of humanity, Mohammed S.A.W.S, as happened during the conquer of Mecca. Let us learn from his sunnah and bring in change peacefully without shedding a single drop of human blood. Both the govt. and the people can sit across the table before some third party disturbs the current fragile bond of togetherness prevalent in the Egyptian society. May Allah give the Egyptian brothers and sisters true guidance and peace..Ameen.

salim (not verified) Wed, 07/03/2013 - 08:06

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