UN official breaks down in tears during interview on Gaza

UN official breaks down in tears during interview on Gaza
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Friends war is not good so even if you people support Israel .. I respect your point of view but please understand that innocent children are being killed. I saw a picture where two cute tiny kids were hiding behind their mother and an Israeli Army man was pointing his gun on the kids and the very next moment he hit both of the kids taking a bulls eye shot and sad they were gone forever. Another story a boy just 4 years accompanied by his father were caught in fire exchange between IDF forces and hammas people. Father made sure that the kid is safe and they hid behind a slab continuously for 4 and a half hours and poor child got few shots and he collapsed in the laps of his father and he died putting his head in the laps of his father and his father also got hit but he survived. People are we humans ... this is my question. Friends war is always destructive. I would request everybody to play their role stop this war no matter if Israelis die with Hammas rockets that is also very bad there are also kids on Israeli side so no human being should die and we are just spectators seeing this from our TV screens. May Allah help all of us to play a positive role and give responsible comments which do not reflect hatred for anybody but reflect a positive tone to end this human crisis soon ..thanks people

Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 07/31/2014 - 15:54

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