American in Arabia: nude streakers in Egypt

American in Arabia: nude streakers in Egypt
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dear brett , first this women insident was made by the army since 2 months after people tried to say no to what the army does , second i thing she is egyptian not british , and if you watched tv at that time , its not like you say , nobody cares and she deserve it cause shes not egyptian or arab , everybody were out of their mind on tv and in the streets and there was a big fight with the army for that which resulted to people injured and maybe dead cause of her , i dont want to write a lot , but please when u want to write something , please make sure its correct info , and also remember arabs are never racisim , we respect all nations and we care for women and men , the fact that all other nations(governments) are racist against arabs starting from zionism to usa to british to frensh ....
any way i respect your opinion and anger cause i know that your cause is strictly human .

mohammed alghoul (not verified) Sun, 07/01/2012 - 20:12

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