American in Arabia on the latest niqabi must-have: Just Zip-it!

American in Arabia on the latest niqabi must-have: Just Zip-it!
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Those aren't actually gold niqabs in the picture you linked, in fact the only metal niqabs in that search were one designed by a Parisian fashion designer, and one that Madonna's wearing. The particular picture you linked to is a piece of traditional cultural clothing that is actually made from cloth and then painted. There are many different types, and they are worn mostly by older women from traditional Bedouin families. Your information on the ZipNiqab is also wrong, as it's an American invention, from a designer in Philadelphia. Most people aren't fond of it because the zipper makes it heavier and also rubs against the face. It's largely unnecessary as well, because unless a food is horribly messy and drippy, it's very easy to eat under a niqab.

I also find it interesting that, on top of constantly insulting women through this entire article, you didn't consult a single one on the subject. You've got the opinion of one extreme Iraqi man who forces the niqab on his wife, and some Arab friends who don't like it, and you've completed ignored women's and scholar's opinion that range from the niqab being neutral, to it being recommended, to it being obligatory, and even minority opinions that it is disliked or forbidden in areas where it is not culturally common. Congrats on being ignorant, basically.

Kay (not verified) Thu, 12/26/2013 - 13:09

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