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July 21, 2014

World first invisible Qur’an displayed at Tehran Qur’an exhibit. [Shutterstock]
08:30 GMT
A copy of the Holy Qur’an written with invisible ink has been showcased at the 22nd International Holy Qur’an Exhibition in Tehran.
Protests against Israel's campaign in Gaza were held worldwide in city centers across the globe (Joe Klamar/AFP)
05:00 GMT
A teenage demonstrator in Kashmir was shot dead by police Saturday during a protest for Gaza.

July 20, 2014

No humans were injured when Israeli soldiers fired on the donkey, causing it to explode. (Shutterstock)
13:29 GMT
A donkey was used to carry explosive devices towards Israeli soldiers in Gaza, but was promptly blown up when members of the IDF were forced to shoot the animal as it approached.
Lisa Rosenberg suggested that the Palestinian woman had explosives in her bag (Image: WPFB)
13:18 GMT
A Jewish doctor was kicked off a plane on July 7 for being abusive towards a Palestinian woman, according to an airline report.
Activists held demonstrations across the world to boycott Israeli products (File/AFP)
09:22 GMT
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign has cost Israel's economy millions of dollars each year. With the ongoing assault on Gaza, pro-Palestine activists have stepped up their game.
In Syria´s searing summer heat, one man´s bomb crater is another man´s swimming pool! (AFP/File).
08:42 GMT
Against the odds, Syrian children are making the best of being bombed

July 19, 2014

14:06 GMT
Crouching in a corner and flinching at every wave of the stick, a young boy’s abuse at the hands of an even younger Lebanese child was taped, and widely shared online Saturday,spreading waves of controversy across social media platforms.
09:15 GMT
A family consultant questioned the reliability of statistics released by the Justice Ministry that showed about 90 percent of marriages between Saudi women and foreign men were successful.
Photo used for illustrative purposes. (Nick Leonard/Wikimedia Commons)
08:34 GMT
A video showing a large number of men harassing two girls on a street, said to be in the northern city of Irbid earlier this week, has hit a raw nerve among many Jordanians.

July 18, 2014

Ayman Mohyeldin was ordered by a top NBC executive to leave Gaza immediately after reporting the airstrike on the beach that killed four children. NBC did not provide any reason publicly regarding his dismissal (Courtesy of Al Jazeera America)
15:12 GMT
U.S. TV network NBC yanked its leading correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin from covering Gaza after he reported the Israeli airstrike on the Gaza beach that left four Palestinian children dead.
Diana Magnay, pictured reporting live for CNN while Israeli bystanders cheer as IDF bombs hit Gaza in the background (Image: Screenshot)
13:27 GMT
Israeli crowds cheered in the midst of a CNN report, while the IDF pounded Gaza in the background. Diana Magnay, the correspondent reporting live at the time, branded the group "scum", on Twitter shortly after.
Migrant workers in Saudi Arabia (AFP)
08:40 GMT
The salaries of expatriates in the private sector rose by 25 percent while those of Saudis declined by 1 percent during 2013
At least 888,978 Egyptians have visited Mecca this year thus far (File Archive)
05:00 GMT
Egyptians make up the largest group of religious pilgrims that have visited Mecca so far in 2014.

July 17, 2014

The probe is expected to reach Mars by 2021 (File Archive)
18:05 GMT
The UAE is planning to send a probe to Mars by 2021 in the country's latest out-of-this-world feat attempt.
Detainees in Guantanamo Bay have been on hunger strike to protest over conditions in the prison (File/AFP)
13:51 GMT
A U.S. nurse has bravely refused to force-feed Guantanamo Bay detainees on hunger strike in protest to the barbaric methods used by medical teams at the prison.