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October 27, 2014

Social media leads to another relationship downfall … this time with a suspended prison term at the other end. (Shutterstock)
11:16 GMT
A devastated bigamy victim told a court her husband had spent £45,000 on his second wedding party in Oman.
Reyhaneh said she did not want her mother to wear black to her funeral. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)
08:22 GMT
Iranian woman hanged for killing her rapist writes heart-wrenching letter to mother.
Dubai police are now using Google Glass to record traffic violations (Image: Gulf News)
07:08 GMT
Dubai's police force must be the most high tech of them all. First, they got fancy Lamborghini cars and now they are using Google Glass to record traffic violations.
It's unclear where the lion came from. (Shutterstock)
05:58 GMT
Members of a Shia militia manning a checkpoint in Iraq recently stopped a pickup truck with an unusual passenger.

October 26, 2014

Time for rebranding? Italo Suisse chocolatiers changed the company's name to ISIS (File/AFP)
10:01 GMT
A renowned Belgian chocolatier changed its name to ISIS without realising these days it stands for the terrorist organizaiton wreaking havoc across the Middle East.
Iraqi students walk to class on the first day of the new semester in Baghdad on Oct. 22, after schools were delayed a month because many were being used as shelters for displaced families feeling violence.  (AFP/Ahmad Al-Rubaye)
09:53 GMT
A group of young Iraqi bloggers and activists have started a campaign on social media using the hashtag #Baghdadisfine. The campaign was started to counter rumours that the Sunni Muslim extremist group, the Islamic State, was an immediate threat to Baghdad.
Conflict Kitchen seeks to use food to educate locals and college students about countries that are allegedly in conflict with the United States. [Conflict Kitchen Website]
09:29 GMT
Food cart that hands out anti-Israel propaganda with its sandwiches has received funding from a foundation run by the Heinz Endowment.
Police escort the "cannibal brothers" to a local court in Sargodha, April 15, 2014 (File/AFP)
07:05 GMT
Erm, why was cannibalism legal in the first place? Pakistan is due to outlaw cannibalism after two brothers were found guilty of robbing graves to make human curries.

October 25, 2014

Palestinian artist Iyad Sabbah created an installation depicting the realities of war (Image: The Independent)
05:00 GMT
Palestinian artist Iyad Sabbah reconstructed the acts of war by creating realistic sculptures across beaches in Gaza.

October 24, 2014

A man in the background of a Lebanese news interview fell of a dock on camera. (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT
A man attempting to take a picture in the background of a Lebanese news interview ended up falling off a dock and into the water while on camera.

October 23, 2014

Video footage shows the blindfolded minor being taken into an Israeli military vehicle (Image: Screenshot)
13:07 GMT
Human rights group B'Tselem released footage of Israeli soldiers arresting and blindfolding an 11-year-old disabled Palestinian boy in Hebron.
Tel Aviv's Vegan Fest attracted 15,000 people in one day. (Shutterstock)
11:52 GMT
The vegan movement is quickly growing in Tel Aviv.
King Tut's autopsy also revealed that his parents were brother and sister! (Photo courtesy of BBC)
10:19 GMT
A new "virtual autopsy" of King Tut has revealed that the famous Egyptian king was horribly malformed.
Tripoli's Cultural League Theatre featured local artists, dancers and actors promoting a non-violent way forward in Lebanon. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Young artists in Tripoli, Lebanon showcased work reflecting MENA's challenges and triumphs on International Peace Day, September 21st.

October 22, 2014

Paul Cantlie had made an emotional plea from his hospital bed for his son to be released before dying (Image: Screenshot)
13:09 GMT
The father of British hostage John Cantlie has died in hospital following an emotional video appeal for his son's release from IS captors.