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March 29, 2012

'This a public announcement: You're divorced and I hate your choice in soap operas. 'Fatma' is obviously a superior choice to 'Rubi'. Never again!"
13:59 GMT
Al Bawaba loves nothing more than a good laugh. And our American in Arabia, Brett, definitely agrees. So, it should come as no surprise that he picked up on the Saudi 'Loudspeaker Divorce' story and broke it down in the comedic way that he does.
Google has always had an eye for innovation. But is it right to invest so much faith in the Middle East?
11:02 GMT
Lebanon might be halfway around the world from the tech hub of Silicon Valley, but hundreds of digital enthusiasts saw Google, one of the world’s best known IT companies, come to them. The Internet heavyweight sees a lot of potential in this small Middle Eastern country.
There has bee a great clash between the Islamist community and the new coalition government.
07:59 GMT
UK officials prompted calls for deporting a man with links to al-Qaeda back to his home country of Jordan. The man in question is Abu Qatada, a man once described by a European judge as Osama Bin Laden’s right hand. Yet, he is not the only one that the UK is eager to send packing.

March 28, 2012

This anonymous Egyptian woman was lucky to be rescued by an unwitting fisherman. Other victims of honor killings are not usually so lucky.
19:09 GMT
A fisherman saved the life of a young Egyptian woman after her parents threw her into the Nile River for divorcing an abusive, elderly husband.
It a dog-eat-dog world in the Middle Eastern job market, but employers are slowly appreciating their top employees in fear of losing them to competitors.
11:22 GMT
Workers who want a salary bump should consider telling their boss they have a better job offer. A recruitment survey revealed that over the past six months employers have increased their use of ‘counteroffers', in an effort to stop top workers being tempted to rival firms.
Defense Minister Prince Salaman is proud of what the Royal Saudi Air Force and its pilots are accomplishing.
08:03 GMT
Defense Minister Prince Salman praised the role of Royal Saudi Air Force officers and pilots in protecting and preserving the Kingdom. He described them as the best in the region.

March 27, 2012

Gas cylinders can be ticking time bombs if handled incorrectly. UAE authorities hope to prevent health hazards and dangers as a result.
17:27 GMT
As the new regulations for gas cylinders take effect, authorities warn consumers to ensure the cylinders are safe, valid and in compliance with specified standards.
American tragedy: Shaima Al-Awadi is an Iraqi victim of hate.
14:25 GMT
Death is tragic irregardless of reason, but Shaima Al Awadi's murder sent shockwaves all over the Middle East and the U.S. with its brutality and ambiguity. his utmost sorrow that Shaima, an American citizen and mother of five, would be so cruelly and senselessly killed.
Muslim women come in all shapes and sizes- many believed that Shaima Al Awadi's murder was related to her 'hijab'.
10:01 GMT
As she lay on her living room floor, bleeding to death, Shaima Al Awadi must have asked herself at least once — would I have been spared if I was not a hijabi? Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that a veiled women has been brutalized due to racism.
Showing a propensity for liberal thinking, Tareq Al Suwaidan believes that tyranny and bigotry is not within the realms of true Islam.
08:02 GMT
A prominent Kuwaiti scholar and popular TV talk show host, Tariq al-Suwaidan, reiterated his belief that freedom must come before Sharia.

March 26, 2012

Would Ryan Seacrest take time from his busy hosting schedule to do the honors for "Arab Dictator Idol"?
14:29 GMT
Arab Idol is done and dusted and the very first winner took it all. Now, Brett recreates it as Dictator Idol, where Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh's presidential performance is put under scrutiny, although his singing is probably very fun as well.
This Egyptian couple cited financial trouble as the main factor that led them down this path.
13:10 GMT
Egyptian security forces arrested a married couple who created a Facebook page for spouse swapping. The Facebook page for spouse swapping, created by an Egyptian accountant and his wife, attracted several couples.
The Muslim community in the U.S. and worldwide was rocked by this tragic crime- Image shown for illustrative purposes.
11:24 GMT
A preempted hate crime against Iraqi American Shaima Al Awadi occurred in a California town. The reason behind the brutal crime was revealed by a note that read, "Go back to your country, you terrorist." The local news didn't warrant the story worthy of mention.
Shrouded in black, are these women the last of an ending era? - Shown for illustrative purposes.
08:40 GMT
Until up to a year ago, most Yemen women were largely invisible on the political scene, preferring to remain in the shadows, away from a world decidedly dominated by men.

March 25, 2012

As members of the Syrian Army grow a conscience, will this shift the outcome of future events? Image shown for illustrative purposes.
14:35 GMT
In light of reports on a Syrian pilot who refused to bomb down Aleppo and flew off into the sunset, Brett discusses the growing integrity of the Syrian defectors who have been an active force against the regime.