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January 5, 2012

Egyptians voters waiting in line outside a polling station.
13:59 GMT
The liberal groups that were the heart of last year's protests are facing the challenge of remaining afloat in a political future that will be dominated by Islamist groups after election voting ended. Tis is partly due to the fact that Islamist parties were more organised and quicker to pick up support after the uprising.
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11:37 GMT
Jordanian pro-reformist activists have described the coming weekend as a "hot Friday", as they are planning a rally to mark the first anniversary of the start of the protest movement in Jordan. It is set in to involves members of several popular movements .
One of the employees of Queen, wearing the pink uniform. (Image source: "saidaonline.com")
07:17 GMT
Showing an eye for innovation, Lebanon welcomes its first and only female run and operated gas station, Queen, in Sidon. The women working there wash cars, pump gas and manage the station, showing it isn't just a man's job after all.

January 4, 2012

Momentum might be lax as the election reach its third phase.
13:23 GMT
Polling Centers opened for voters Wednesday morning for the final and third phase of the Egyptian election, showing an overall lower turnout than the previous two phases. Although there has been high female voting presence.
With greater fear over outbreaks, the internet is becoming more of a useful tool to track diseases in real time.
11:21 GMT
The Ministry of Health and the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (Haad) confirmed plans for Twitter and Google to get medical. Haad is looking into introducing "syndromic surveillance" into their current systems. Doctors may soon be better able to predict the outbreak of infectious diseases.
Group-XP claims to have the social security of 1 million Israeli individuals and is considering releasing more.
08:57 GMT
In a strange twist of affairs between Arab and Israeli: Saudi hackers named Group-XP broke into Israel’s major sports website, One.co.il, claiming to have leaked personal information of 400,000 Israelis, but credit card companies in the Jewish state say the number was less than 20,000.

January 3, 2012

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13:22 GMT
After being divorced and given no support by her former husband, Emirati woman Badriya Al Falahi said raising her seven children as a single mother taught her a valuable lesson - a degree is worth much more than a husband.
A still from "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". (Image source: "rottentomatoes.com")
12:28 GMT
Hollywood's English-language remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo may be performing well at international box offices, but few cinema screens across the region - including those in the UAE - will show it.
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07:01 GMT
A 15-year-old Afghani girl, who was locked in a toilet and tortured by her in-laws in the north of Afghanistan is being transferred to India for medical treatment, according to the Afghanistan government. A search is still undergoing for her husband and father-in-law.

January 2, 2012

Young men are usually banned from malls because there is a concern that they would disturb women shoppers and families. (Image source: "Americanbedu.com")
13:11 GMT
Entering malls and shopping centers have become a real challenge for young Saudi men, who have innovated many ways and means to force themselves inside. Under the prevailing rules, only women and families are allowed to enter malls.
Sex education in the classroom. (Image source: "queenslyfe.com")
10:13 GMT
Egyptian society is by nature a conservative one, making sex a taboo subject where even students in the medical profession speak in hushed tones. Astonishing statistics show society's alarm at the idea of women even thinking about sex.
Promised jobs and a better future, many Kenyan men are tricked into sex abuse traps. (Image source: "clutchmagonline.com")
07:02 GMT
A new report published by Identity, a gay magazine in Kenya, reveals that gay Kenyan men are being trafficked into the Gulf as sex slaves for the wealthy.

January 1, 2012

As the Arab Spring runs its course, the future of the region hangs on a balance.
09:36 GMT
2011 was a year of revolution and change all over the Arab world. Will the momentum started in 2011 inflame a new page in history for the Middle East in 2012?

December 31, 2011

Yemen solidarity protests are an indicator of the amount of scrutiny that the U.S. administration would be under.
08:29 GMT
The U.S. President and his administration are at uncertain road with Ali Abdullah Saleh's request to get medical treatment in New York. Although Saleh is an anti-Al Qaeda ally, it is feared that he would use his U.S. refuge to manipulate events back in Yemen.

December 29, 2011

Egyptian rock ban Cairokee playing live at Tahrir Square. (Image source: "intercultural-labratory.blogspot.com")
13:19 GMT
When the rock band Cairokee agreed to perform in Mansoura, a conservative, agricultural city in the Nile Delta region, they expected to find few fans. Instead, they took to the stage to loud cheers from a packed audience. Could this be a change for the post-revolution Egyptian music scene?