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April 25, 2012

Imprisoned Egyptian lawyer Ahmed El-Gizawi is being defended by his sister Shereen
11:33 GMT
Saudis arrest an Egyptian civil right lawyer during his visit to the country to undertake the Islamic umrah pilgrimage with his wife. Public outrage has been growing in Egypt for his release.
The most difficult place to live for Christians is their own Holy Lands
08:24 GMT
In almost every part of the world, reports emerge daily of Christian communities falling victim to harassment and persecution. But the Middle East remains the most dangerous place for Christians to live, and attacks occur with frightening regularity.

April 24, 2012

ProjectPen, the first ever platform for Arabic and English ‘storytelling’. Drawing by Mike V Derderian
13:19 GMT
ProjectPen, the first ever digital platform for Arabic and English ‘storytelling’, launched out of Amman this week. Created by a local team, the project provides a free space for “for undiscovered storytellers, and for stories that would otherwise never be told.”
A steamy Lesbian prison film from Syria? This ought to go over well.
10:08 GMT
Syrian Director Muhammad Khair Diab is no stranger to controversy, having already made several saucy films. “Simply, to speak about two lesbian girls in an open way will definitely result in censorship."
Are these some of the last images Khalil saw before he disappeared?
06:53 GMT
The body of the deputy head of the Divers’ Syndicate, Hussein Abu Khalil, has been found after he went missing Sunday while practicing diving in the southern city of Tyre. Khalil, 42, had gone diving in an area known to be littered with dumped old car parts and rife with large fish.

April 23, 2012

A devastating attack on a Sudanese church compound reignites tensions in the South
10:57 GMT
A mob has destroyed a church compound in Sudan, the pastor said on Sunday, amid a mood of nationalist fervor after Khartoum said it liberated an oilfield occupied by South Sudan. Pastor Yousif Matar Kodi said hundreds of extremists descended on a farm and training compound.

April 22, 2012

Is that a Hybrid Monster truck in the Earth Day parade?
18:24 GMT
Why does this American in Arabia not get excited about Earth Day? In a time of deep reflection and rambling, he realizes Earth Day is more manly than any monster truck or Sunday football game!
UAE Celebrates Earth Day practically by saving the planet through recycling
10:11 GMT
Sharjah will mark Earth Day on Sunday with the launch of 10 Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), which is part of the city's myBeeah recycling rewards campaign. The machines accept plastic bottles and aluminium cans and award a point for every deposit, which can later be redeemed.
"It is easy to remove a dictator, but not so easy to get rid of dictatorship."
06:37 GMT
Much like, arguably, the Old Testament Jews under Pharaoh who forget their suffering today as they laud it over the Palestinians, are the Egyptians today forgetting their suffering under an Egyptian tyrant and in longing for Mubarak back?

April 21, 2012

A girl demonstratesher newly acquired Aikido skills
09:31 GMT
Around 450 girls graduated from an Aikido program designed to help them resist the threat of sexual violence, in a program organized by the Lebanese Council to Resist Violence Against Women.

April 19, 2012

American Troops in Afghanistan get pictures taken with dead Afghanis
18:24 GMT
In another embarrassment to the Pentagon, newly published photographs purport to show US troops posing with the bodies of dead insurgents in Afghanistan. The Army said an investigation is under way.
Zahra Lari picked up figure skating later in life, but has made an immediate impact on the sport
08:03 GMT
The name Zahra Lari may not ring a bell offhand, but what she has achieved has surely ensured her a place in the annals of UAE sporting history. The 17-year-old Emirati became the first ever figure skater from the UAE to compete in an international competition when she took part in the European Cup in Canazei, Italy this week.

April 18, 2012

Is the hate growing towards Muslims in Europe?
13:27 GMT
A growing wave of anti-Muslim sentiment across Europe increased as the economy of Europe declined. "In France, over the past couple of years, there's been a heated debate, for example, over women's dress and whether they should be allowed to wear the burqa,"
Lebanon Gets The Olympics Welcome Mat From the British PM David Cameron Himself!
07:40 GMT
"In just 100 days time, the 2012 Olympics will open in London – a spectacular start to the greatest show on earth. We want to share these fantastic Olympic and Paralympic games with the people of Lebanon and that’s why my message to you today is this: Welcome. " shares David Cameron

April 17, 2012

Suicide by rat poison is how one old man chose to escape the abuse
12:44 GMT
An 80 year old man was reportedly abused so badly by his family that he decided to bring a spotlight on their shame by taking his own life. Shame on them!