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September 24, 2011

Syria's crimes against Syrian's very own humanity include a catalogue of unspeakable violations against youth and women.
16:35 GMT
A young woman was found beheaded and mutilated, reportedly by Syrian security agents, underscoring what witnesses and the U.N. human rights office said Friday was a new tactic of retaliating against protesters’ families to snuff out the 6-month-old uprising against the regime of President Bashar Assad.

September 22, 2011

Albania: Where 'burkinis' and bikinis blend to bathe.
13:00 GMT
Albania, fast receiving attention and tourism as an emerging, previously untapped, serene beach spot in Europe is picking up a mixed bag of beach-go-ers. An illustration of the potential clash of cultures that manages to swim side-by-side.
The NYC of Arabia. Dubai is an active city, day and night - as a holiday destination by pleasure-seekers, and a fast-paced metropolitan
financial hub filled with young often single city-worker types, more than it is populated by families.
10:20 GMT
Dubai's 24/7 lifestyle is causing residents to lose sync with their body clock, resulting in deadly diseases, job losses and even road mishaps. Are you one of them, inhabiting this 'city that does not sleep'? Here's a wake-up call.
Will patience pay off for Palestine- and will a September state bid result materialize before 2012?
08:30 GMT
Palestinian officials say they will give time to the Security Council to consider their U.N. membership request.

September 21, 2011

Egyptian schools face teacher strikes in post-revolution change-hungry nation.
17:33 GMT
As millions of Egyptian families struggle to deal with the aftermath of the recent revolution, they have come across a new, extraordinary foe. State teacher strikes that won't back down til pay rises are proffered.
It’s a dogs' world- even in the Arab parts of town, apparently: Each pet gets its own playground, gym and a personal butler service, taking pet care to a whole new level. This is the life....for your pet, privileged enough to stay at the
Royal Suite, at Urban Tails pet resort at Dubai Investment Park.
11:36 GMT
Who said Arabian dogs had it bad? Provided your pet-owner is well-to-do, that is; from a personal butler to private limousine service and air conditioned suites, a new luxury hotel in UAE promises the ultimate in care and pampering for your pets as you holiday.
Israelis protest the Palestinian bid to internationally recognized  statehood, and therefore land that they have their own eye on.
Jewish settlers would be denied this under -10%- fraction of historical Palestine land, with any current settlement claims confiscated.
09:24 GMT
Jewish settlers protested Tuesday against Palestinian plans to seek United Nations endorsement of statehood in the occupied West Bank, and clashes erupted in one village, underscoring growing tensions in the territory.

September 20, 2011

How Gaddafi got away: The the 3.5 million sterling pound converted Mercedes 4x4 was delivered  to Libyan Leader and licensed by Sarkozy in 2008.
16:09 GMT
Gaddafi and the 'evasive' French connection: How Sarkozy inadvertently aided and abetted Gaddafi at the crucial stages of his get-away and NTC -dodging until today. The French President left the now-fallen but hidden Dictator with a neat escape-mobile, 'state-of-art, anti-tracking, armoured Mercedes.
Yemen's latest escalation in clashes has caused concern, just as Yemen was being side-lined by Syria's Spring and 
Palestine's state petition.
10:26 GMT
With all eyes on UN for Palestine state application, the UN spares a word for Yemen, urging Yemenis to rely on dialogue and dismiss violence.
Drug police: Burning drugs in Iran in the attempt to wipe out the drug invasion from neighbor Afghanistan.
09:43 GMT
Mass executions in Iran in the war on drugs - not boosting Iran's human rights record. 22 hung in Iran convicted of drug crimes.

September 19, 2011

Bill Clinton made some supposed roads to that elusive peace, stalling on statehood via Osla.
13:24 GMT
For more than a decade, successive United States presidents have voiced their keenness on a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Bill Clinton, then George W. Bush, then finally Barack Obama have taken turns delaying a formal application for statehood under the guise of wanting to gain more favorable conditions through a continuation of peace talks.
Thalassaemia is prevalent in the Middle East and often exists in your family: It's worth finding out if you're a carrier of this genetic condition before marriage by earlier detection blood tests.
11:10 GMT
Doctor tells parents to screen their babies and asks firms not to discriminate against those with the condition. It is far more practical to know your status in advance of marital situations. Carriers do not suffer any symptoms of a condition that is not active as recessive gene.
Arab youth migrate to English content choices.
09:47 GMT
With youth in the region turning more and more to English content, Middle East software developers and digital content companies are countering this trend with the release of new Arabic mobile apps.

September 18, 2011

The question has been raised by many critics of the US's veto intentions: Why support the concept of a Palestinian state but not follow through by backing the bid?
08:40 GMT
US accepts the idea of a Palestinian state in principle; how can it oppose at UN? The two faces of the US: hypocrisy uncovered.

September 17, 2011

Perhaps a Palestinian state would be the ultimate bi-product to spring from the Arab Spring: It will be a peaceful contribution
to a turbulent Middle East where all nations can coexist and flourish together.
17:26 GMT
Palestinian Statehood for dummies- guide: In the wake of Palestinian determination to seek statehood at the UN General Assembly in a few days, some readers may wonder what it's all about. Questions and answers, to shed light on this decades-long struggle.