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March 28, 2011

Maid house-loyalty: do not always keep house secrets. Like children known to do, likely to take house-gossip out of the home.
15:27 GMT
KSA: Maids have a tendency to divulge family secrets to third parties as revenge against their employers, something that often leaves many families embarrassed; Deathrow maid seeks King's pardon.
Fish and Ships, No Barking- are just some of the erroneous Arab-generated English signs that provoke a giggle in passing traffic.
13:16 GMT
Jeddah offers several examples of how misplaced attempts to be faithful to the meaning in one language give rise to funny phrases in another.
Greenpeace study detected lead, copper and manganese in the pipe's spilling target area: and also traces of deadly bacteria, including Salmonella, but Unipack attributes this to the municipality's disposal of human and animal waste.
11:32 GMT
Near Jbeil, Lebanon: Environmental activists Thursday blocked an industrial pipe allegedly spewing toxic waste into the sea.

March 27, 2011

The process of desalination is an example for the need for science graduates in the MENA region
14:00 GMT
Dubai The Middle East region needs to produce more graduates choosing to major in scientific disciplines, like engineering, to ensure the successful development of regional, knowledge-based economies.
Police and people clashes in the Jordanian capital Amman
13:29 GMT
AMMAN - Officials on Saturday resorted to expert opinion to explain the causes of the death of a protester on Friday.
Libyan State TV presenter shows the rebels who's the boss.
08:15 GMT
A presenter on Libyan television has grabbed a gun from under his desk during a programme, pledging his support to Gaddafi. Britain has condemned the latest violence in Syria & security shootings.

March 26, 2011

He did not want the young people of his nation to see him as an old man, said Gaddafi.
21:02 GMT
A Brazilian doctor has confirmed that Colonel Gaddafi has had plastic surgery to look young.

March 24, 2011

Dance and poetry are placing the Emirates on the national heritage map which is very positive for the UAE known for its malls and futuristic architecture.
17:00 GMT
Unesco recognition shows that efforts to promote UAE heritage have succeeded.
With all the regional news stealing our interest, it seems the world still likes to know about penis sizes
12:41 GMT
World penile fixation: An online site that lists the global penis sizes has become an Internet sensation, with Congo being placed at the top of the list, Lebanon coming in at 7th place and Egypt 33rd.
1982: The Hama massacre was left as an example of what can happen to dissident voices in Syria
09:31 GMT
Slow-starter Syria has all the makings of turning into a bloody conflict given precedent Hama-like brutal suppression of the people’s will,or else a people-battle won given the liberal son leader.

March 23, 2011

Starting to suspect his most trusty female guards in his increasing paranoia
15:00 GMT
A former CIA analyst and a Libyan diplomat, believe that leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's suspicion over his own security and allied bombs may be driven into a new, potentially dangerous depression.
'These children lead sedentary lives with their gadgets' in UAE, says a doctor while texting on her phone.
12:36 GMT
The obesity disease is not confined to Emirati children, but expatriate children as well.
Under the cover of Arab revolutionary tumult, the Israeli aerial attacks including child casualties
09:03 GMT
Tel Aviv’s atrocities should be highlighted despite shifting of focus on unrest in region.

March 22, 2011

Arab media in strong denial of its own locality, happy to report on protests in the region
17:00 GMT
It is difficult to understand why Arab satellite TV stations deny what is happening in their countries while providing extensive coverage of protests in neighboring countries.
Lebanon, beach central it may be, still not privy to good water facilities
14:00 GMT
BEIRUT: Lebanon’s gas, or its potential for gas, might be the “hot” topic of 2011, but the public still faces considerable burdens ensuring its supply of water.