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February 9, 2011

Times of Oman beats Wall Street Journal and New York Times in its design: Look of daily newspapers and periodicals matters as much as the editorial content
15:00 GMT
Times of Oman has made the Sultanate and the whole region proud. Flashing proudly its stunning look, the newspaper has nabbed 36 highly prestigious awards at the 32nd edition of the Best News Design.
Male and female prisoners from around Jordan use paint strokes as rehab or therapy.
13:02 GMT
From landscapes to abstract pieces, an exhibition at Al Hussein Park is showcasing artwork from an unlikely source.This week marks the third exhibition of art produced by inmates from rehabilitation.
Facebook started out in New Jersey on a college campus and has now invaded the Middle East at a record high.
10:44 GMT
The UAE is the top Arab country in terms of facebook penetration, and among the top 10 nations in the world , according to research from the Dubai School of Government.

February 8, 2011

16:00 GMT
While all eyes on Egypt , the music maveriks give us melody with a message, it doesn't come much stronger than this. Egyptian rap trio Arabian Knightz released their latest single this week.
While Egypt was questioning its fundamental birthright, Sudan was delivering a new nation to the region.
14:00 GMT
Hundreds of South Sudanese danced, screamed and waved flags as the announcement Monday was delivered into the square of the declaration of independence for a nation born.
For unemployed Egyptians today it seems the choice lies between sacrifice in the square or at sea.
12:17 GMT
CAIRO - Egypt's unemployed, frustrated young men are facing an unprecedented dilemma. Having lost a better future at home, many of them have decided to search for jobs in Europe.

February 7, 2011

Questioning why the region, specifically Jordan her much-loved locality, is a wasteland in support mechanisms for gay communities.
16:30 GMT
An opinion-based article by a local Jordanian writer who in a mini-exploration of the regions' Gay-support infrastructure,brings us her curious thoughts together with some cross-regional comparisons.
In today's information age it is not the state with the strongest military that wins the world power domination game/ but the state with the best story.
14:54 GMT
A much larger part of a Sate's population than ever before has access to the power that comes from information.. The problem for all states today is that more is happening outside their control.
The Orange Revolution came to represent a movement that succeeded in bringing about political change in Ukraine. The color orange was used to mobilize support- a trend that took off in successive Revolutions elsewhere. Other Revolutions inspired by the wave of colors or evocative plants,  Jasmine Revolution, Tulip Revolution, Rose Revolution, Cedar Revolution...
08:05 GMT
From Kiev: "I have watched the revolutions in Cairo and Tunis with joy and admiration." But a word of caution on follow through, says former Ukraine Prime Minister who led the Orange Revolution.

February 6, 2011

How about NO
14:54 GMT
Why saying no still means you are a good person, and why there's honesty in refusal.
Queen Rania
12:58 GMT
The Emir of Dubai, the Queen of Jordan and the wife of Qatar's Emir are all just a click away on Facebook or Twitter truly making the world a global village.
Egypt in staunch support of Sudan's unity between the Arab, Muslim North and Christian South.
08:55 GMT
February 5, 2011 (CAIRO) – The newly appointed Egyptian Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq, dismissed as "dishonest" allegations that Cairo's negligence has led to Sudan's breakup.

February 5, 2011

Arab regimes have traditionally struggled to tell the truth.
18:18 GMT
Mubarak's antiquated propaganda machine learns to deal with a people power revolution from the 21st Century.

February 3, 2011

Tunisia= a wake-up call for Morocco?
14:33 GMT
Does the ouster of the regime of Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali in Tunisia herald a similar revolution, or perhaps just evolution, in Morocco?
Better the devil you know? Egyptian migrant workers in Lebanon take Mubarak's side.
10:56 GMT
Beirut: “Mark my words, [Egyptian president] Hosni Mubarak is the most honorable of men,” said Ibrahim Joweida, an Egyptian national who helps keep a shop in Sin al-Fil’s vegetable market.