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September 7, 2014

 Egyptian heiress Enayat Younes. [Facebook]
07:23 GMT
According to sources, Harry also a play for Egyptian heiress Enayat Younes – pictured above in a yellow Big Bird hat – after spotting her in a Spanish nightclub.
The 11 men were arrested on charges of unlawful assembly and use of a uniform in public (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT
German police officers arrested 11 men dubbed the "Sharia police" for attempting to enforce Sharia law in the city of Wuppertal.

September 6, 2014

Before the IS's June insurgency in Iraq, the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, wasn't everyone's favorite political party. These days, they've become the driving force in the fight against IS. (AFP/MUSTAFA OZER)
06:00 GMT
From the Independent's i100, here's a few basics on an army that went from having a semi-stained world reputation, to being an international superhero this year. Meet the PKK!

September 5, 2014

Disillusioned and tired of war, some British IS fighters are searching for a way back to Britain. But how should the Uk proceed? (AFP/File)
17:27 GMT
After being 'disillusioned' with fighting abroad, some Britons in Syria are asking the UK to let them come home.
The band mocks Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
A Lebanese band recently preformed a song that pokes fun at Islamic State militants.

September 4, 2014

The photograph was posted by a British woman who has reportedly joined IS militants in Syria. (Shutterstock)
13:27 GMT
Islamic State militants have released a picture showing a baby holding a rifle in Syria.
In a message to Aqsa, Muzaffar and Khalida  said: 'You have torn the heart out of our family and changed our lives forever. Please come home.' They also said she had 'betrayed' the family by fleeing to Syria.
08:50 GMT
'You've betrayed us': Parents of private school jihadist in emotional appeal for her to stop inciting massacre and return home from Syria
Supporters of al-Fadila party (aka Islamic Virtue Party) perform the simulation of an execution during a protest to ask for justice for members of the Iraqi forces who were executed by the Islamic State. [AFP]
06:42 GMT
Soldier reveals how he played dead for hours to escape Isis militants who massacred hundreds
Russell Brand's got some more stuff to say about Islamic State and the westerners running to join up. (AFP/File)
06:00 GMT
In a new video on his Youtube channel, The Trews, Russell Brand tackles the question on many people's mind: Why are so many young westerners running to join IS?

September 3, 2014

Lady Gaga [Billboard]
12:02 GMT
After cancellations from Neil Young, the Backstreet Boys and more, Gaga's artRAVE tour to stop in Israel as scheduled.
Four Haia staffers were transferred outside Riyadh for their involvement in the attack that happened outside a shopping mall. (AFP/File)
11:18 GMT
The Saudi religious police have formally apologized to the British man and his Saudi wife who were attacked.
Millions of Syrians have fled the civil war and now live in neighboring countries. (AFP/File)
08:19 GMT
Young Syrians refugees often have no jobs or activities to partake in and find themselves plagued with boredom.
Aqsa Mahmood has posted this picture of her with a baby.
04:00 GMT
A young woman from Glasgow who dropped out of university to travel to Syria and marry an Islamic State (Isis) fighter has been named as Aqsa Mahmood.

September 2, 2014

Saudis risk a new Muslim division with the controversial plan (File)
13:13 GMT
Saudi clerics have proposed destroying the second most holiest site in Islam - the Masjid al-Nawabi in Medina, including the tomb of the Prophet Mohamed by moving his body.
Anyone can submit art from the streets. (Photo courtesy of YourMiddleEast)
10:38 GMT
An entrepreneur is creating an app to help people navigate Istanbul's street art scene.