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January 14, 2015

“The pregnant woman badly needed to eat knafeh,” a volunteer recalled. (Shutterstock)
08:51 GMT
“The pregnant woman badly needed to eat knafeh,” a volunteer recalled.
Saudi men make a snowman in the Aleghan Heights, located some 1500 km northwest of the Saudi capital Riyadh in the Tabuk region, on January 10, 2015, after a heavy snow storm hit parts of the Middle East. (AFP/Mohammed Albuhaisi)
07:36 GMT
Mohammad Saleh Al Munajid had said people must not build any snowmen or snow models of animals, even by way of fun or play, because Islam prohibited them.
The same newspaper felt heat following the death of Osama Bin Laden, when it photoshopped Hilary Clinton and another woman from a photograph of US President Barack Obama watching the US raid mission that killed Bin Laden. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper Hamevaser got caught photoshopping female world leaders from a photo of the Paris solidarity march last week, and this isn't their first offense...

January 13, 2015

Ahmed Aboutaleb was the first immigrant to become a mayor in the Netherlands. (AFP/File)
10:32 GMT
A Moroccan-born mayor of the Netherlands' second largest city had stern words for some Muslims who "do not like freedom" in the West.
The ban was allegedly imposed to curb extremism in China. (AFP/File)
08:20 GMT
Lawmakers from China's largest Muslim city of Urumqi banned wearing the face veil in public. The ban is due to take effect soon.
The man reportedly told his wife to leave him alone, but she remained persistent, prompting him to divorce her. (Shutterstock)
08:00 GMT
A man divorced his wife after she tried to hold his hand at King Khalid Airport in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.
The man's lawyer thinks that social media should be utilized to help him communicate with his children. (Photo: Photo: AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
A lawyer is seeking court permission to allow his client, who faces a divorce case lodged by his wife, to communicate with his children via Skype in a first-of-its-kind landmark case in the UAE.

January 12, 2015

Over 170 people from Eastern Europe have joined militant groups in Syria, according to Austria's interior ministry. (AFP/File)
13:50 GMT
Was it their Daesh-ing good looks or true jihadi love? A pair of teenage girls in Austria were apprehended by police for allegedly trying to leave for Syria to marry militant fighters. Where's the attraction in that?!
Qatari authorities considered the Victoria's Secret product inappropriate. (Photo: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)
13:09 GMT
Bottles of perfume have been taken from the shelves of lingerie store Victoria’s Secret, after its name was considered offensive, AFP reports.
The fatwa by Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed stated that snowman-building was a crude imitation of the west, and therefore must not be condoned. (Shutterstock)
08:30 GMT
Saudi fatwa banned building snow men, only permitting the construction of lifeless objects, such as boats, out of snow.
England's second largest city, Birmingham, is home to a mere 22 percent of Muslims. (Image: Screenshot)
08:27 GMT
Fox News at it again. The US "news" channel seemingly embarrassed itself when a terrorism "expert" on Fox News made a bizarre claim about England's second largest city being "totally Muslim". Twitter followed with the mocking hashtag #FoxNewsFacts.
The Egyptian student had announced he was an atheist on Facebook. (Photo: AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
A 21-year old student has been sent to prison for announcing that he was an atheist on Facebook and for insulting Islam, AFP has reported.

January 11, 2015

The dough-slinging athletes trained for up to six hours a day! (Shutterstock)
14:00 GMT
Three world champion pizza acrobats who are currently performing at Mercato in Dubai shared their secrets.
The Ministry of Heath vowed to take strict measurements against clinics caught assisting illegal immigrants in upcoming surprise inspections. (Shutterstock)
10:30 GMT
Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health cracked down on polyclinics that are helping illegal immigrants give birth in the presence of medical professionals.
Kay Long told the self-appointed modesty volunteers that it is not up to them to decide who is a woman and who isn't. (Facebook: Kay Long)
07:30 GMT
Kay Long, a transgender woman dubbed Tel Aviv's top drag queen, was denied entry to the women's section of the Western Wall in Jerusalem by vigilante "modesty volunteers".