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August 14, 2013

Downtown Tripoli (Shutterstock/Henryk Sadura)
08:11 GMT
The absence of the rule of law in Tripoli has paved the way for thugs to collect protection money from merchants in the northern city of Tripoli’s centuries-old souks, who dole out fees just to keep them away.
(Wikimedia Commons/Tara Alton)
07:48 GMT
The Labor Ministry announced on Tuesday that it would toughen its stance against businesses that violate the rule of employing Saudi women at lingerie shops.
For Illustrative Purposes (Wikimedia Commons/ Pasquale D’Silva)
05:56 GMT
A Twitter campaign launched in Saudi Arabia called "the salary doesn't meet my needs" has taken cyberspace by storm.

August 13, 2013

The Princess Leia tutorial (YouTube screenshot)
13:07 GMT
A YouTube user called Nye Armstrong posted an amazing video showing how to turn your hijab easily into a Princess Leia headscarf!
Using Facebook is un-Islamic, according to an Indian Mufti. (Facebook/Pan Xunbin/Shutterstock)
10:46 GMT
An Indian Mufti declared on Sunday that posting photos to Facebook and other social media websites is 'unIslamic'.
(Wikimedia Commons/Minestrone)
10:23 GMT
Italian authorities deported 40 Egyptians on Monday amid claims they had entered the country illegally.
08:04 GMT
Beggars in the Kingdom are going high-tech and have invaded cyberspace. They have found various social media networks to be ideal hunting grounds to widen their net and to carry out what is a virtual profession.
Dubai skyline (Wikimedia Commons)
07:29 GMT
Nearly 1,600 traffic accidents were reported in Dubai during the Eid Al Fitr holiday, according to Dubai Police.
Illustrative purposes (Wikimedia Commons)
07:22 GMT
20-year-old girl, who was planning to elope with boyfriend, held at Sharjah Airport

August 12, 2013

(Shutterstock/Allies Interactive)
09:16 GMT
Scholars have condemned the lavish spending by some Muslims to celebrate Eid and during the weeks following the holidays, noting that it is forbidden in Islam. They said that spending activities during the past three days have gone “beyond the limits.”
(AFP file photo)
08:58 GMT
Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s hernia surgery was successful, but he requires further rest for a few days to complete his recovery, doctors said.
Illustrative purposes (Wikimedia Commons)
08:24 GMT
An Emirati artist has set the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain’s first Guinness World Record with her largest display of handmade paper dolls at a single venue.
(Wikimedia Commons)
08:21 GMT
“Any carrier registered on the black list of this agency will be prohibited from operating to and from Saudi Arabia, unless the carrier proves it has taken the corrective measures to lift the ban,” said the authority.

August 11, 2013

Hamas Flag (Wikimedia Commons/Guilherme Paula)
10:31 GMT
The human rights organization Amnesty International has recently urged Hamas to half a public execution of two prisoners after the Eid holiday.
For Illustrative Purposes (AFP PHOTO / AWAD AWAD)
10:11 GMT
The World Health Organization (WHO) is investigating the results of a study which has found traces of the coronavirus in camels.