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December 11, 2013

An Egyptian teacher punished school boys for not completing their homework by making them eat animal fodder (Shutterstock)
10:11 GMT
You better do your homework, kids, or else you will be eating animal feed for lunch?! For students in this Egyptian school, this is actually the case.
Men play after a snowstorm in January 2012 at the Amman Citidel. [wodumedia]
10:05 GMT
After several years of resistance, Jordan finally agrees to join the world with Daylight Savings Time.
Bucharest has banned its construction workers from building new Israeli settlements in the West Bank as it is in violation of international law (File Archive/AFP)
06:07 GMT
If Israel wants to build more settlements in the West Bank, it will not be at the hands of Romanian construction workers, says Bucharest.
Two Yemeni soldiers rigging up their AK-47 starter improv. [YouTube]
04:45 GMT
Move over Swiss Army Knife. These Yemeni soldiers show just how versatile their weapons can be by jump starting their car using their guns.

December 10, 2013

UAE is the fifth fattest nation in the world. Put the soda down. [shutterstock]
15:22 GMT
Despite the mega build up the almost anything in the UAE, officials draw the line for large scale wins by pulling the obesity card in banning super-size drinks from fast food restaurants.
Princess Shahnaz as a a young girl with her mother, the beautiful princess Fauzia of Iran. (Image courtesy of Flikr.com)
07:35 GMT
The daughter of the late Shah of Iran, Shahnaz Pahlavi, has been given Egyptian citizenship by the government.
An unruly British man aboard a Qantas flight bound for Dubai from London forced the plane to turn around after he had a violent outburst, according to Australian media. (Shutterstock)
06:54 GMT
An unruly British man aboard a Qantas flight bound for Dubai from London forced the plane to turn around after he had a violent outburst, according to Australian media.
Syrian Souks are famous for their cuisine and meal add ons. [kizie]
04:06 GMT
Women are using food as a way of reconnecting and establishing some sort of normalcy in the midst of the chaos of war.

December 9, 2013

Anas seen giving his sermon in Amman. [Anas Al Shatti Supplied]
09:40 GMT
After years of memorization, this nine year old child enthusiast delivers his first sermon to the public in Amman, Jordan.
UAE residents are on the lookout for Dubai's giant rubber duck that has gone missing...at least for now, says the company behind the giant quacker, Geowash (Shutterstock)
08:59 GMT
A giant inflatable rubber duck that floated on Dubai Creek since UAE national day last week is missing in action...at least for now.
The UAE will host a heartfelt memorial to the late and great Nelson Mandela on Wednesday. Flowers are layed on December 6, 2013, on the ground in front of the South African Embassy in Paris. (AFP)
07:22 GMT
A memorial service to honour the legacy of global icon Nelson Mandela will be held at the ECC Building in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday at 6.30pm.
Gender mixing is a “heinous crime” which endangers women and society, warned Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti on Friday, according to local media reports. [AFP]
04:00 GMT
Saudi Grand Mufti warned against gender mixing, saying it poses a threat to women's chastity and society

December 8, 2013

Not the actual wallet from this report but it is likely that the owner of this found wallet granted a much larger reward. [beliefnet]
09:56 GMT
Wallet owner offers SR15 as a reward after his SR26,000 loaded leather is returned to him untouched.
Lebanon's national day of mourning for Mandela coincides with South Africa's mass for the late former president in Johannesburg Tuesday (Reuters)
08:20 GMT
While South Africa remembers Mandela's legacy Tuesday in Johannesburg, Lebanese citizens will also be remembering the global icon as part of a country-wide designated day of mourning for the late former South African president.
No Shawarma was injured in the making of this photograph. [photobucket]
07:57 GMT
After a tip from locals, inspectors find this shawarma shack in violation in a big and disturbing way.