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February 5, 2014

An Israeli pilot sits at the cockpit of his F-15 Eagle fighter jet in an Israeli Air Force Base. [yahoo]
09:11 GMT
Several Israeli pilots were punished for storing classified information on their smartphones.
Most Facebook users in the Middle East access it using their mobile phones. [hermanautic]
05:02 GMT
While some experts believe Facebook use is on the decline, local Arab experts believe Facebook has not even reached its prime in the Middle East.

February 4, 2014

This picture has sparked an animal cruelty backlash for the Dubai nightclub Vanity...and rightly so. (Facebook)
11:00 GMT
A Dubai nightclub has come under fire after a monkey was pictured on a leash at the venue, with images of the simian flooding social media networks earlier this week, the Emirates 24/7 news site reported on Tuesday.
Saudi Arabia Rescue workers search for the body of a girl who fell in a well in the desert near Tabuk, 1,500 km (932 miles) from Riyadh. [AFP]
09:22 GMT
A six-year-old girl fell into a well almost two months ago and her body has just been recovered in Saudi.
This work of art is located outside of the British Council on a famous Amman shopping area. [ibraaz]
05:00 GMT
After noticing some of the city walls were being covered with adverts or inappropriate phrases, several local graffiti artists went to work cleaning up the view.
Khaled Mohsen Shaeri being lifted onto a plane to take him to the Riyadh for medical treatment. [iol.co]
04:00 GMT
A young Saudi man from Jazan breaks records for losing the most weight in the shortest time.

February 3, 2014

It might be fairly obvious to the educated eye that Gadaffi was a fan of a cosmetic touch up now and again! No doubt the former Libyan leader is turning in his grave at these revelations. (AFP/File)
10:03 GMT
You'd never know looking at his face! Gaddafi liked going under the knife late at night, according to his plastic surgeon.
Many of Tunisia's top rappers were oppressed--and even imprisoned--under Ennahda's leadership (Courtesy of The Guardian)
08:55 GMT
Tunisian rappers are finally making a "strong comeback" after facing two (and more for some!) years of oppression under the pro-Islamist Ennahda leadership.
Malik standing proud in his Hamas digs (Image courtesy of the Barack H. Obama Foundation)
08:44 GMT
Stop the press! U.S. President Barack Obama's half brother Malik wore a Hamas keffiyeh in 2010!
Yosser then (L) and now (R)(Image courtesy of Mounir Rais / Wiki Commons / Your Middle East)
08:32 GMT
Your Middle East tracked down Yosser Saidane, who appeared in a famous shot of the Tunisian revolution flashing the peace sign.

February 2, 2014

Wearing only swimwear, collars and cuffs, Dubai's new topless butler service will greet (and seat) your guests and make sure their drinks are topped up (Courtesy of The Daily Mail)
13:36 GMT
Topless butler service has arrived in Dubai: fit, good-looking males "armed with charm" can seat and serve guests at your next big event.
Tim Tebow...saving puppies. No puppies were harmed in the filming of this video. [fanatic]
11:14 GMT
Among other fantastic endeavors, Mr. Tim Tebow, American football's overly religious darling, has some things to say about peace in the world...in Arabic.
Meet Qahera: Egypt's new comic heroine fighting societal stereotypes on gender roles (Courtesy of Muftah)
07:24 GMT
Egypt has a new superhero: Qahera, a powerful, hijab-wearing woman fighting against misogyny, Islamophobia, and societal stereotypes and gender roles.
Bassem is seen here hosting his previous show before it was cancelled in 2013. [Facebook]
05:09 GMT
Bassem Youssef talks about what viewers can expect in his comeback and on his show with the newly assigned station, MBC Egypt.

January 30, 2014

Making yourself look like Kim Kardashian could end in divorce, apparently (Image courtesy of popstoptv.com)
10:08 GMT
A woman in Saudi Arabia got plastic surgery to make herself look like her husband's crush, Kim Kardashian. However, it ended in divorce...