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August 7, 2014

Saudi tourist flies in to London and brings his 'gold' Range Rover along too - worth £150,000 and with a 666 number plate. [Daily Mail]
10:24 GMT
Saudi tourist flies in to London and brings his 'gold' Range Rover along too - worth £150,000 and with a 666 number plate.
The initiative was launched at the beginning of Ramadan. (Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT
Drivers of a private online chauffeur service in Dubai earned over Dh45,000 in tips thanks to a unique initiative launched during Ramadan.

August 6, 2014

The play was cancelled immediately because a member of the cast dressed as a woman (File/Shutterstock)
12:00 GMT
A play in Saudi Arabia was suspended because a male character dressed up as a woman, which was deemed against Islam in the conservative kingdom. C'mon guys, lighten up!
Blurry but clear: Police raided the orphanage after the video went viral (Image: Gulf News screenshot)
11:27 GMT
A video posted on YouTube of a man severely beating a child in an Egyptian orphanage has caused worldwide outrage after it went viral.
The new law prohibits men from marrying expatriate women from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Myanmar.
05:00 GMT
Saudi men wishing to marry foreigners now face tougher regulations, as Saudi men wanting to marry foreign women should first obtain the consent of the government and submit marriage applications through official channels.
[Sabahi Online]
04:00 GMT
A new report has revealed that supporters and members of Jihadist groups, such as “ Al Qaida” and “ISIS,” prefer to use Androids to IOS!

August 5, 2014

Game users are encouraged to drop bombs on cartoon Hamas militants (Image: Screenshot)
13:09 GMT
Google faced a backlash for continuing to allow a game called "Bomb Gaza" to be downloaded by Android users. IDF wannabes definitely seem like the target audience!
The victim's money, credit cards and mobile phones were also stolen by the rapists (File/Shutterstock)
10:49 GMT
Two men were jailed for five years and faced a hefty fine for sexually assaulting a woman in Kuwait. The victim was raped in her apartment after holding a dinner party.
The unveiled woman is Rima Rikhawi, a Palestinian anchorwoman residing and working in London. (Image: Screenshot)
10:28 GMT
State-owned news network Al Ekhbariya has stirred a bit of controversy in Saudi Arabia after a female presenter, Rima Rikhawi, read the news without a veil, testing the conservative boundaries of the country.
“Israel you’re weak!” said a tweet from one of the branches of the dispersed network of online activists, known as AnonymousGlobo, adding that the hackivists would launch more attacks on Israeli websites. [The Daily Rotation]
10:19 GMT
Anonymous hacktivists have once again attacked Israeli websites in protest against Tel Aviv’s onslaught against the Gaza Strip.

August 4, 2014

Sean Hannity poses under a "Welcome To Israel" sign upon his arrival (Image: Twitter)
15:08 GMT
Controversial news hawk Sean Hannity embarked to Israel days after his Russell Brand rants. Let's just say, Palestinians won't be pleased to see him!
Priorities clearly need to be in check if you're worried about binge-eating instead of the rising Gaza death toll (Image: File)
14:27 GMT
With children dropping like flies in Gaza, some are counting calories over death tolls, distressed that they are unable to resist turning to chocolate for comfort. An Israeli blogger made the internet hate her after writing about the war's 'stressful' effect on her waistline.
Yazan Hillis poses for the camera in his journalist outfit (Image: Twitter)
13:09 GMT
Growing up in a war zone can't be easy but one six-year-old boy said he dressed up as a journalist "to survive".
UAE authorities implement strict penalties for possession of drugs (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
05:00 GMT
A nurse has been jailed for life for possessing a tiny quantity of methamphetamine that was discovered in her underwear.

August 3, 2014

The UAE has strict laws to combat cyber crimes, which oddly includes "rumor-mongering" (File/Shutterstock)
11:55 GMT
Be careful what you tweet! Spreading wrong information or even a dodgy conspiracy theory online could result in a jail term or $272 million fine according to UAE laws.