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October 30, 2014

Halloween is a festive, fun holiday for all ages. (Shutterstock)
04:00 GMT
The Ministry of Interior has banned all Halloween celebrations in Amman.

October 29, 2014

Goel Ratzon is headed for decades behind bars. (AFP file photo)
09:14 GMT
Cult leader Goel Ratzon was sentenced by the Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday to 30 years in prison on his convictions for sex crimes and financial fraud.
The Mesha stele - the lighter portions are original, while the darker material is reconstructed. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
07:08 GMT
Jordan is trying to reclaim the Mesha stele from the Louvre.
Has bibi got the guts or not? According to a US official he doesn't! (Image: Press TV)
06:41 GMT
An unnamed Obama official described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a "chickenshit" following US frustration at the leader. Ouch!
Morbid or practical? You never know when it's time to die so why not record a farewell message in case? (File/Shutterstock)
06:19 GMT
Only in Lebanon. A new smartphone app has been designed to let people prerecord and schedule a final message for loved ones before dying.
Apparently the love for Nutella is popular with the Islamic State (File/AFP)
04:00 GMT
An Austrian teen who ran away from home to join IS in Syria allegedly said she still gets Nutella and cornflakes in her new home.

October 28, 2014

The government says it wants to ensure all videos and images comply with the country's laws. (AFP/File)
12:35 GMT
The Saudi government will soon regulate all video sharing websites on the internet.
Six men working in the shop were arrested because of the offensive cake. (Shutterstock)
08:49 GMT
Saudi Arabia's Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has shut down a sweets shop for selling "anti-Islamic" cakes.
According to reports, the patient and the surgeon were related. (Shutterstock)
07:17 GMT
A man in Lebanon called his friend to open fire on a hospital after a doctor told him he needed to shave his stomach hair for surgery.
Investigations revealed that thieves had stolen 150km of train track in the area, making the train’s return impossible (Photo for illustrative purposes only). (AFP/ File Archive).
07:00 GMT
The train’s last journey was in 2006 when it moved from the town of Dakhla in the north-western province of New Valley and has since never returned- until now!

October 27, 2014

Social media leads to another relationship downfall … this time with a suspended prison term at the other end. (Shutterstock)
11:16 GMT
A devastated bigamy victim told a court her husband had spent £45,000 on his second wedding party in Oman.
Reyhaneh said she did not want her mother to wear black to her funeral. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)
08:22 GMT
Iranian woman hanged for killing her rapist writes heart-wrenching letter to mother.
Dubai police are now using Google Glass to record traffic violations (Image: Gulf News)
07:08 GMT
Dubai's police force must be the most high tech of them all. First, they got fancy Lamborghini cars and now they are using Google Glass to record traffic violations.
It's unclear where the lion came from. (Shutterstock)
05:58 GMT
Members of a Shia militia manning a checkpoint in Iraq recently stopped a pickup truck with an unusual passenger.

October 26, 2014

Time for rebranding? Italo Suisse chocolatiers changed the company's name to ISIS (File/AFP)
10:01 GMT
A renowned Belgian chocolatier changed its name to ISIS without realising these days it stands for the terrorist organizaiton wreaking havoc across the Middle East.