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April 30, 2014

Strong foundations of a marriage: Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy made the romantic comments during a visit to the U.S. (Image: File)
17:10 GMT
In a bizarre analogy, Egypt's FM Nabil Fahmy descried Egypt-U.S. relations as "a marriage" and definitely "not a fling".
The woman slapped, punched, and kicked the men to teach them a lesson. (Shutterstock/File)
12:35 GMT
A Jordanian woman beat up two men who wouldn't stop harassing her on the street.
Desmond Tutu is a prominent human rights activist who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for opposing the apartheid in South Africa. (AFP/File)
09:25 GMT
Desmond Tutu recently defended Kerry's comments about Israel and apartheid.
Amal Alamuddin is a human rights lawyer who has represented the likes of Julian Assange and former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko (Image: Facebook/Al Bawaba edit)
05:00 GMT
The media has become fixated with George Clooney's finance Amal Alamuddin. But she's more than just a pretty face.

April 29, 2014

Election campaign posters by Iraqi politician Sheikh Eyad al Ashoori state his different religions depending on which neighborhood he's in (Image: Al Bawaba)
17:13 GMT
An Iraqi politician left voters unimpressed after he tried and failed to be from three different religions/sects, dependent on which area his campaign posters were displayed. How embarrassing!
Saudi Arabia is not the only country that has been publicly critical of Norway's human rights record against Muslims. Russia, ironically, has also called on Oslo to clamp down on expressions of religious intolerance (File Archive/AFP)
14:47 GMT
Saudi Arabia has publicly criticized Norway's human rights record and is calling for Oslo to do something about the anti-Muslim sentiment and discrimination within the country.
Approximately 13 million Yemenis are unable to access clean and safe drinking water. (AFP/File)
08:56 GMT
A UN official has warned that Yemen is facing a humanitarian crisis.
The Austrian woman's counterpart was also sentenced to jail for having sex and for drinking alcohol.
05:00 GMT
An Austrian woman has been sentenced to two months in jail for having consensual sex with a Yemeni banker.

April 28, 2014

Cockfighting is a popular hobby in Saudi Arabia. (AFP/File)
16:05 GMT
Cock fighting in Saudi Arabia is growing in popularity, despite a government ban.
The party was set to offer free pillows upon entry to the club before it was canceled by authorities (Shutterstock)
08:54 GMT
Oman authorities banned a nightclub in Muscat for hosting a pajama-themed party where guests wear their favorite nightwear out on the town after Omanis en masse started describing the event as "un-Islamic" over social media.
UAE ranked high on the index because the Emirates allegedly "give women a supportive environment to achieve their full potential" (Courtesy of The National)
07:55 GMT
The recently released global Social Progress Index ranks the UAE as first in the Middle East for "treating women with respect."

April 27, 2014

Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated every year in Israel (photo courtesy: promiseisrael.org)
16:55 GMT
The yearly commemoration honors the six million Jews who were murdered by Germany during World War II.
(photo courtesy: wolfiewolfgang.com)
15:57 GMT
The man nonchalantly ordered and paid for his burger in the drive-through while atop the camel.
Egypt reported its first case of MERS Saturday (File Archive)
09:43 GMT
Nearly 100 people have now died from MERS in Saudi Arabia.
Lebanese Foreign Minister Wael Abu Faour held a special medical conference on Friday to help raise awareness of schizophrenia (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT
Specialists and doctors from the Middle East and France met at a medical conference in the Jal al-Dib district to discuss how to improve care for people living with schizophrenia.