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August 21, 2014

The burger is made of 680 grams of beef. (Shutterstock)
08:10 GMT
A burger joint in Abu Dhabi will give you your meal for free if you can finish their ginormous burger in less than 25 minutes.
Picture taken September 29, 2011 shows US freelance reporter James Foley resting in a room at the airport of Sirte, Libya. [AFP]
07:13 GMT
The beheading of an American journalist by ISIS militants sparked worldwide revulsion Wednesday and drew pledges by outraged Western governments to aid those battling the jihadists.
French MEP Nadine Morano, called a Muslim woman sitting on the beach with a headscarf an 'attack on our culture' (Image: Screenshot)
05:00 GMT
A French MEP caused a stir in Europe's largest Muslim community by posting a picture of a veiled woman on a beach accompanied by a famous photo of Brigitte Bardot wearing a bikini, calling the former an 'attack on our culture'.

August 20, 2014

The campaign claims that kicking bachelors out will ensure a superior life for other residents. (Shutterstock)
14:30 GMT
In an effort to flush out bachelors from shared and crammed apartments in the city, the Abu Dhabi Municipality has started a "Say No to Bachelors" campaign.
Behbahani was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. (AFP/File)
09:19 GMT
Simin Behbahani passed away at age 87.
Dubai is home to multiple record-breaking feats. (AFP/File)
08:58 GMT
Dubai has been ranked seventh on the list of the world's most influential cities.
The new beer at the brewery is called Colonel. (Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT
A new microbrewery in a small Lebanese town is built of recycled materials.

August 19, 2014

Mahmoud Mansour and Morel Malka didn't let the racist protesters dampen their spirits (File/AFP)
11:09 GMT
Who says love can't conquer all? Hardline extremists chanting "death to Arabs" protested outside the wedding of an Israeli woman and Palestinian man, but the happy couple didn't let it ruin the day!
The Arab woman was eventually evicted from the hotel after two months (File/Shutterstock)
08:44 GMT
An elderly woman in Dubai was evicted from a hotel after she didn't let staff in to clean her room during her two-month stay.
These raunchy massage parlour cards are common in Dubai (Image: Gulf News)
07:21 GMT
Residents in Dubai have been complaining about leaflets being placed on their cars. Not just any leaflets though; raunchy massage parlour ones!
Never look like this again, thanks to a new taxi calling initiative in Jordan (Shutterstock).
05:00 GMT
Can you never catch a cab when you need it? Those times are over for this lucky country...

August 18, 2014

The woman reportedly yelled at the religious police because they were preparing a report about violations at her coffee shop. (AFP/File)
09:06 GMT
A Saudi businesswoman was jailed and given 50 lashes for speaking out against the religious police.
The couples were married in joint ceremonies in the southern town of Rafah (Image: euronews)
07:25 GMT
The UN helped and paid for three couples to be married in joint ceremonies in Gaza during the five-day ceasefire, bringing a rare moment of happiness to the families involved.
Rolf Buchholz who is also in the Guinness Book of Records for having the most piercings in the world, was not given a reason for being denied entry by Dubai Authorities (Image: Facebook)
07:10 GMT
A 53-year-old German who has 453 body piercings was denied entry without reason in Dubai. Perhaps he set off too many metal detectors at the airport!
Miss Msaad, whose model looks have earned her the nickname ‘jihottie’ on social media sites, wept as she was cleared at the OId Bailey last week. [Daily Mail]
05:37 GMT
From petty criminal and feckless father to jihadist: Briton's journey from London estate to an Isis fighter - and how it ensnared 'jihottie' who smuggled cash in her knickers