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March 17, 2014

Tel Aviv ranks sixth globally and Doha tops the Arab world in number of "selfie enthusiasts" (Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT
Qataris and Israelis may seem like odd bedfellows, but they definitely have one thing in common: they love themselves…in pictures, that is!

March 16, 2014

The Saudi woman named Ayesha allegedly begged for fifty years (Shutterstock)
13:00 GMT
Beggar what? A Saudi woman - who shows that beggars can be choosers - described as a "blind female beggar" left behind a nearly $800,000 fortune that is now going to the needy as stipulated in her will.
The holy pilgrimage to Mecca is known as Haaj. (AFP/File)
12:42 GMT
Development in Mecca threatens to destroy important historical and religious sites.
Some western names made the list of banned names, including Alice and Linda. (AFP/File)
09:01 GMT
The Saudi government has banned 50 names that are considered to blasphemous.
Sting is among the list of celebrities who are appealing to the U.N. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Celebrities sent a letter to the U.N. demanding it act to protect civilians in Syria.

March 15, 2014

Syria continues to be flooded with foreign fighters. (AFP/File)
19:00 GMT
A 15 year old girl recently traveled from her home in France to Syria to join rebel forces.
Black camels are rare and highly valued. (AFP/File)
07:49 GMT
Three rare black camels that reportedly once belonged to Muammar Gaddafi were recently flown to the UAE.

March 14, 2014

Benn believed that Britain should pressure Israel by introducing trade sanctions, boycotting Israeli goods, and stopping arm sales to the country (photo courtesy: bbc.co.uk).
11:58 GMT
Veteran British politician served as an MP for more than 50 years, championing the Palestinian cause most recently during the 2008 Gaza War

March 13, 2014

Saleh al Fawzan has decided that all you can eat buffets are against Sharia law. (AFP/File)
13:52 GMT
A Saudi cleric has issued a fatwa against all you can eat buffets.
King Abdullah heads the secretive House of Saud. (AFP/File)
12:18 GMT
Two Saudi princesses are seeking help from the United Nations. They claim they are being held against their will in a royal compound in Jeddah.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights puts the death toll at over 140,000. (AFP/File)
08:15 GMT
100,000 names of people killed during the conflict in Syria will be read aloud outside the White House starting Saturday.
Winter is coming. (Image courtesy of HBO)
05:00 GMT
A fervor was sparked among Arab fans of the Game of Throne TV series following the release of a third teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season.

March 12, 2014

Beachgoers walk past a sand sculpture made by Indian sand artist Sudersan Pattnaik with a message of prayers for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 (AFP)
18:42 GMT
The family of Muktesh Mukherjee, a passenger on board the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, are praying that disaster has not struck twice.
Banky's iconic image was first seen in London in 2002. (Image courtesy of the BBC)
14:41 GMT
Infamous British street artist Banksy has reworked one of his most recognized pieces of artwork to mark the third anniversary of the ongoing conflict in Syria.
Israel passport holders aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line were refused entry to Tunisia Monday (Courtesy of Haaretz)
08:43 GMT
The Tunisian government stopped Israeli tourists aboard a cruise ship from entering the country this week as part of their vacation tour.