March 12, 2005

10:34 GMT

Lebanese director Nadine Libky has recently joined the team of the upcoming Egyptian film “The Italian War” starring young Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Sakka instead of Lebanese singer Mariam Fares

10:13 GMT

A press released by prominent actor Ahmad Zaki’s doctors during a press conference revealed that his situation is very critical and the possibility of transferring him abroad to stabilize his conditio

10:06 GMT

Young Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Sakka is scheduled to begin shooting the scenes of his upcoming film “The Italian War”, which was previously called “Remote Control”, by the end of the month of February

March 10, 2005

13:21 GMT

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Thursday held talks with Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz. Talks were attended by Defense and Military Product

11:37 GMT

People who attended the premier screening of the new film “Inta Umri” (You are my Life), were shocked when prominent Egyptian actress Laila Elwi broke down and began crying affected by the events in t

09:31 GMT

For the first time throughout her career, Egyptian actress Elham Shahin has accepted a leading role in a new television drama series as a children’s books novelist

09:19 GMT

Renowned Egyptian actress Najla Fathi has received a very generous offer from one of the Arab satellite television channels to record episodes of her life’s journey for a new program called “Ihki Ya S

09:00 GMT

During her latest visit to Lebanon to record an episode for the popular program “Li Man Yajru’ Fakat” (For Those Who Dare Only), prominent Egyptian actress Elham Shahin made it a point to visit one of

08:38 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Najla Fathi was recently forced to go to the police station in order to file a complaint against her next door neighbor.

March 9, 2005

March 8, 2005

13:06 GMT

Prominent Egyptian pop-singer Amr Diab has revealed that he is currently dedicating his entire time to working on his upcoming album

11:27 GMT

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdul Rizik has revealed that she strongly regrets the role she played in her recent film “Al Agenda Al Hamra” (The Red Agenda), which shows her as an extremely seductive woman,

10:08 GMT

Egyptian belly dancer Dina has returned once more to the cinema after an absence that lasted for some time to star in the new film "Al Firqa 16 Ijram"