February 3, 2005

13:34 GMT

Young Egyptian actress Hala Shiha encountered a car accident earlier this week near her home resulting in minor bruises

12:57 GMT

The producers of the film “Ahlam Umrina” (Our Life’s Dreams) starring prominent Egyptian actress Muna Zaki, have announced that the screening of the film has been postponed until the summer season

11:24 GMT

The Lebanese Broadcasting Company program Star Academy has finally released the first album of the winner of it’s first season Egyptian Mohammad Attia under the direction of EMI Records

10:09 GMT

Young Egyptian actress Hala Shiha has announced that she will mark her return to the silver screen after an absence that lasted for several years in the new television drama series “The First and Last

09:58 GMT

The destruction of two cars and three injured people was the outcome of the heated welcoming of Egyptian winner of the popular Star Academy, Mohammad Attia upon his arrival home

February 2, 2005

18:56 GMT

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will meet next Tuesday in a su

16:33 GMT

Egypt's Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Maghrabi said that incoming tourism achieved several successes last year, citing a 7.5 million figure.

13:15 GMT

Once prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki completes the filming of his upcoming film “Halim”, he will begin work on his next project about the life of Osama Bin Laden leader of the Islamic Organization

10:05 GMT

Prominent Egyptian comedian-actor Adel Imam has agreed to star in a television drama series to be aired next Ramadan, marking his third experience on the silver screen

February 1, 2005

19:11 GMT

Egyptian security forces clashed with armed suspects in the mountains of Sinai on Tuesday, killing a man who was involved in last year's bombings of b

17:27 GMT

A report published recently by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) showed that Egyptian exports and imports rose by 30.6 per cent and 25.7 per cent respectively between

13:33 GMT

A lawsuit has been filed by one of the Egyptian lawyers to immediately stop the screening of the film “Al Bahithat An Al Hurieh” (Seekers of Freedom) directed by controversial Egyptian director Enas D

January 31, 2005

17:07 GMT

Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif on Sunday attended the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the Egyptian government and the International Microsoft Company.

12:37 GMT

In a rare instance of its kind Egyptian pop star Amr Diab had ordered the forbiddance of certain journalists from his press conference held in Dubai immediately after his performance at the Dubai Nigh

10:08 GMT

Lebanese singer and actress Nicole Saba is preparing to make a second acting experience in the film “Clip Al Gharam” (Love Clip) alongside Egyptian actor Ahmad Izz and Tunisian actress Hind Sabri.