January 15, 2005

12:30 GMT

Rising Egyptian actor Ahmad Izz has expressed his extreme anger at controversial director Enas Al Dughaidi for not mentioning his name in the script of film “Al Bahithat An Al Hurieh” (Seekers of Free

January 14, 2005

01:19 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Laila Fawzi, who is known to be one of the most beautiful women in Egyptian cinema, has passed away at the age of eighty

January 13, 2005

15:40 GMT

The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company has signed an agreement with two leading Canadian firms to set up two joint companies working in the fields of methanol and urea.

January 12, 2005

16:39 GMT

Lebanese singer Mariam Fares has been informed that she was voted Best Female Arab Singer in a poll held in Egypt, which consisted of 4 million participants

January 11, 2005

12:53 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki has made a personal call to young Egyptian actress Muna Zaki informing her that she has been nominated for a role in his upcoming film “Halim”, and that the role o

12:52 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Yusra has begun preparation for next film “Thawrit Al Nisa” (Women’s Revolution), where she plays the role of the famous journalist Muna Rajab

January 10, 2005

22:24 GMT

Egypt's Foreign Minister ahmed Abul Gheit was due to visit Khartoum on Sunday on a several hours visit to Sudan. The minister was to leave the country

16:13 GMT

Israel has asked Egypt to prevent its planes from entering Israeli air space near the southern port city of Eilat, officials said, warning that if an

13:31 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki has left Al Foad Hospital after test results and x-rays showed that his health condition is stable

12:09 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Nabila Obeid has denied recent circulating rumors that her face is deformed as a result of a plastic surgery leading her to withdraw from her role in the new film “Amarit Ya

January 9, 2005

18:55 GMT

Verticent, Inc., a leading developer of enterprise software solutions for small-to-medium size manufacturers and distributors, has announced that the Cairo-based Kandil Industries had licensed Vertice

15:45 GMT

The office of Studio Al Phan, which manages all the entertainment activities of Lebanese singer Katia Harb, has strongly denied circulating rumors that the singer has resigned from her music career

13:29 GMT

Egyptian belly-dancer Fifi Abdo denied recent circulating rumors of her resignation from belly dancing stressing that she only eliminated dancing at private parties and weddings

13:15 GMT

Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo has denied circulating rumors that she plans to end her belly-dancing career after the death of her father

January 8, 2005

19:31 GMT

Egyptian actress Hanan Turk has just completed shooting the final scenes of her upcoming film “Kalam Fil Hub” (Love Talk).