April 7, 2005

20:03 GMT

An blast went off at a bazaar popular with tourists near Cairo's al-Azhar mosque Thursday, killing two persons and wounding eight, police said.

12:26 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Elham Shahin has notified the three production companies that belong to the Egyptian Media Production Company that she has set three million Egyptian pounds (equivalent to 5

11:39 GMT

Despite the fact that prominent Egyptian actress Elham Shahin had reached an agreement with writer Majida Khair Allah to play the leading role in her new film “Reesh Na’am” “Ostrich’s Feathers”, she w

07:31 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Athar Al Hakim has withdrew from the leading role of the upcoming television drama series “Kanadeel Al Baher” after a dispute broke out between her and director Ahmad Khader

April 6, 2005

13:44 GMT

Lebanese singer Alissa has just completed shooting a new music video for the song “Hubak Waja” (Your Love is Painful), marking the third from her latest album “Ahla Dunia"

April 5, 2005

12:40 GMT

Egyptian actress Hanan Turk was in shock when she suddenly lost her voice a result of infections in her vocal cords. The actress attributed the infections after exhausting herself in shooting the scen

06:02 GMT

Around 300 university students staged a rowdy protest in downtown Cairo on Monday calling for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down and furthe

April 3, 2005

12:06 GMT

The cast of the upcoming film “Amarit Ya’koubain” is facing several lawsuits from the real tenants of Amarit Ya’koubain, stressing that the film is a violation of their privacy and rights

11:27 GMT

Egyptian actress Summaya Al Khashab has wore the Islamic headdress Hijab, but she will appear in it anywhere besides the set of her upcoming film “Amaret Ya’qoubain"

11:26 GMT

Muslims, as well as Christians, are remembering the Pope for his efforts to bring peace to the region and embrace people of different faiths.

10:00 GMT

Egyptian singer Amr Diab has reached an agreement with film scenarist Midhat Al Adel and song writer Aiman Bahgat Qamar to star in a new romantic film that will revolve around the life of the singer f

08:27 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actresses Laila Elwi and Poussy encountered a car accident in Morocco when the car they were in, which is a Jaguar and had a diplomatic license plate, slipped off the road due to li

April 2, 2005

10:23 GMT

In a shocking and unexpected move Egyptian belly dancer Dina decided to drop all charges against her ex-husband Hussam Abu El Fotooh, who was the cause of the biggest scandal that hit Egyptian society

10:09 GMT

Renowned Egyptian pop-star Amr Diab has just completed the recording of a new duet with internationally known singer Jennifer Lopez

09:53 GMT

Prominent Egyptian singer Amr Diab is in the number one spot on the most recent list of the ten richest Arab singers