February 26, 2005

11:02 GMT

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday ordered a review and amendment of the country's presidential election law, paving the way for the possibi

10:33 GMT

The recent secretive trip of prominent Egyptian actor Farouq Al Fishawi to Paris has given rise to numerous rumors regarding the nature of the sudden trip

10:16 GMT

Director Nader Jalal has nominated prominent Egyptian actor Farouq Al Fishwai for the leading role in the upcoming television drama “Al Malik Farouq” (King Farouq)

09:55 GMT

The success of bringing prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki back to the scenes, journalist Emad El Din Adeeb is placing great efforts in trying to convince prominent Egyptian actress Sharihan to come

08:23 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Sharihan was recently in Paris to undergo several tests to ensure that her health condition is stable, a routine checkup she must perform every six months, after which she h

February 25, 2005

17:10 GMT

Israeli troops shot and wounded a Palestinian man in the Gaza Strip before dawn Friday. The man died later of his wounds.

February 24, 2005

13:20 GMT

In an attempt to lessen the popularity of female singer, who use seduction and inappropriate means in their music videos to gain fame, a number of Egyptian newspapers have decided to stop publishing a

12:07 GMT

Despite the success his latest film “Halet Hope” (A Case of Love), which achieved the highest profits during the summer film season, Egyptian singer/actor Tamer Husni announced that he does not intend

11:20 GMT

Renowned belly dancer Najwa Foad has finally regained her health completely after the tragic car accident she encountered a while back

09:27 GMT

Prominent Egyptian belly dancing legend and actress Najwa Fuad announced that she has accepted a leading role in the new TV drama “Imra’a Min Thahab” (A Woman of Gold)

08:23 GMT

Young Egyptian actress Muna Shalabi has recently returned from London where she was on vacation with her mother, resigned actress Zizi Mustafa, and upon her return began reading the script of her upco

08:10 GMT

Young Egyptian actress Muna Shalabi has expressed her disappointment at the manner she was presented in the advertising posters of her latest film “El Said Arabi Wasal” (Mr. Arab Arrived), stressing t

February 23, 2005

13:23 GMT

Lebanon's Premier Omar on Wednesday was quoted as saying he will seek a vote of confidence before an opposition no-confidence motion.