January 25, 2005

11:16 GMT

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will meet on Wednesday with the US Assistant Secretary of State William Burns, who will arrive later Tuesday to hold

10:49 GMT

Recent circulating rumors have revealed that the relationship between Egyptian singer Mustafa Amar and his wife has reached a deadened as marital problems have been accumulating

10:07 GMT

The first film about the life of the late Egyptian legendary singer Abdul Halim Hafez has finally took effect as prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki, who plays the role of Abdul Halim, began shooting

09:37 GMT

Egyptian actress Riham Abdul Ghafour has turned down an offer to star in the film “Cleopatra’s Wedding”, which is a joint corporation between Egypt and the United States of America, under the directio

09:27 GMT

Egyptian singer Mustafa Amar and Nelly Kareem for the first time are to star together in the new film “Hubbak Nar” (Your Love is Fire) under the direction of Mohammad Radi

January 24, 2005

22:00 GMT

The chief of Israel's Mossad intelligence service, Meir Dagan, warned Monday that there are signs that several Middle Eastern countries other than Ira

13:54 GMT

Egypt’s first shipment of liquefied natural gas left the port of Damietta for Spain Sunday, opening up a new export sector crucial to the country’s economic future, the <i>MENA</i> agency reported.

10:09 GMT

The disputes that had once occurred between prominent Egyptian actresses Yusra and Laila Elwi have returned to the surface this time over a new film about the life of American legend and queen of sedu

January 23, 2005

11:29 GMT

A Japanese research team has found "a perfect mummy" in an unrobbed Egyptian tomb believed to be more than 3,500 years old, the team's leader said.

January 20, 2005

11:26 GMT

Gippsland Limited announced Thursday the extinguishment of the 5% royalty that was to be levied by the Egyptian government on gross sales revenue arising from production at the Company’s Abu Dabbab ta

January 18, 2005

15:14 GMT

Egypt's ambassador to Germany Mohammad El-Orabi revealed that the number of German tourists who visited Egypt in 2004 amounted to 1 million, noting that this figure is set to increase.

10:44 GMT

A new book about prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki has been released under the title of “Ahmad Zaki wa Symphoniet Ibda’” (Ahmad Zaki: A Symphonic Masterpiece)

January 17, 2005

16:09 GMT

Lebanese singer Rida Boutrus has recently released a new single "Hilweh El Donia" (The World is Beautiful), which is a remix of the first song prominent singer Wadi Murad ever sung at the beginning of