March 19, 2005

02:35 GMT

Prominent Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfiq revealed that he is thinking of repeating the experience of singing a duet and is hoping of reaching an agreement with Moroccan singer Samira Said to sing it with

March 17, 2005

12:39 GMT

Egyptian Ambassador Assem Ibrahim arrived in Tel Aviv on Thursday morning more than four years after Cairo recalled its most senior representative in

11:57 GMT

Dr. Mahmoud Shaker, the president of association of technical education, announced that many Iraqis are to participate in special courses in Cairo.

09:33 GMT

 The referees for the second round of the Arab Champions League were appointed on Monday March 14 by the Arab Football Union. The match, in which Moul

07:37 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki has requested the producer of the film “Halim” that in the case he dies before the film is complete, he wants his funeral to be filmed by director Sharif Arafeh to

07:09 GMT

The health condition of prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki remains very critical and unstable and has a low oxygen level in his blood

March 16, 2005

10:54 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Yusra has been nominated for the leading role in the upcoming film “Man Katal Ra’ees Al Wizara” (Who Killed the Prime Minister?), which revolves around the recent assassinat

08:10 GMT

Strong sources in Egypt have revealed that a new duet will join the forces of Egyptian singer Ruby and Lebanese singer Maria, both considered as extremely seductive singer

March 15, 2005

21:06 GMT

Mohammed Nazzal, member of Hamas Movement’s delegation to the Cairo dialogue for Palestinian factions, Tuesday said that a truce with the “Zionist ene

13:34 GMT

A day after the country's biggest opposition demonstration, Syrian military intelligence on Tuesday was vacating an office in Beirut, moving furniture

12:57 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Nour El Sherif is preparing for his second film directing experience in the new film “Al Iskandarani”, which is written by Osama Anwar Okasha

10:48 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Nour El Sharif has revealed that he will begin shooting the first film under his direction during the beginning of the New Year, and specifically in the month of February

09:45 GMT

Egyptian singer Ruby is currently in the process of preparing for her television debut in the new musical drama series “Ba’et Al War” (the Flower Girl), in which she will present 15 different dance pe

09:22 GMT

Musician Ahmad Al Jabali has renewed his lawsuit against Egyptian singer Ruby, which was dismissed by a Cairo court. A court date has been set for the trial on March 6, 2005, where Al Jabali will dema

March 14, 2005

19:27 GMT

Speaking at a meeting of parliamentary leaders from Europe and the Mediterranean in Cairo on Monday, Israeli Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin called for