February 1, 2005

19:11 GMT

Egyptian security forces clashed with armed suspects in the mountains of Sinai on Tuesday, killing a man who was involved in last year's bombings of b

17:27 GMT

A report published recently by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) showed that Egyptian exports and imports rose by 30.6 per cent and 25.7 per cent respectively between

13:33 GMT

A lawsuit has been filed by one of the Egyptian lawyers to immediately stop the screening of the film “Al Bahithat An Al Hurieh” (Seekers of Freedom) directed by controversial Egyptian director Enas D

January 31, 2005

17:07 GMT

Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif on Sunday attended the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the Egyptian government and the International Microsoft Company.

12:37 GMT

In a rare instance of its kind Egyptian pop star Amr Diab had ordered the forbiddance of certain journalists from his press conference held in Dubai immediately after his performance at the Dubai Nigh

10:08 GMT

Lebanese singer and actress Nicole Saba is preparing to make a second acting experience in the film “Clip Al Gharam” (Love Clip) alongside Egyptian actor Ahmad Izz and Tunisian actress Hind Sabri.

January 30, 2005

19:48 GMT

Internationally known Syrian director Mustafa Al Akad has denied recent circulating rumors that he intends on directing a new film starring Egyptian singer Amr Diab and Hollywood star Salma Hayek

19:23 GMT

As her popularity grows, Egyptian singer Shireen Abdul Wahab is faced with different conspiracies from mysterious individuals, whose main purpose is negatively affect the fame she is achieving

18:39 GMT

Young Egyptian actress Hanan Turk has revealed that she will be undergoing therapy sessions with a psychiatric for the upcoming three weeks in order to prepare for her upcoming role in the new televis

January 27, 2005

14:42 GMT

Siemens Power Generation (PG) has booked orders totaling approximately EUR580 in Africa, India and the Middle East. The company was awarded a turnkey contract by the Algerian state-owned utility, Sone

12:15 GMT

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak opened the 37th Cairo International Book Fair which lasts till February 8. Some 516 publishers from 25 countries take

January 26, 2005

16:59 GMT

A recent survey of the media and telecom usage habits of the population of Greater Cairo showed that 68.3% tune in to news channels.

14:18 GMT

Young Egyptian actress Muna Zaki denied circulating rumors that she is competing with her husband, Ahmad Hilmi, by releasing her latest film “Abu Ali” at the same time as Ahmad’s film “Zaki Shan"

12:58 GMT

Lebanese singer Assi Hilani and Egyptian singer Shireen Abdul Wahab have recently held a tour around Canada that was marked with remarkable success