I'm sexy and I know it! Amr Diab rocks the night away with naked Greek women

I'm sexy and I know it! Amr Diab rocks the night away with naked Greek women
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I too was at the concert standing right in front of the stage and I must have missed the naked men and women dancing with Amr. That is completely untrue and you shold be ashamed to propagate such rumours and tarnish the good name of an artist. yes, there were female models painted in gold paind (and topless - how outragous to do that in Europe and on one of the most progressive / extravagant party island !!!) ... But the odels were there to promote the exclusive champagne that Nammos chose to promote that evening. But Amr was not part of this promotion nor did he engage in any of the dancing... he was not evene anywhere near this promotional activities.

Also, this concert was a private affair as Amr Diab can be booked for private events... Still, the ticket sale was partially open to the public and this concert was and still is in Amr's event calendar on his website amrdiab.net. Also, it was publicized on Facebook (i dont use twitter so i cannot tell you).

Therefore, your account of htis event is hugely distorted and diminishes the credibility of your website and its content....


Tom (not verified) Thu, 08/29/2013 - 09:06

Hi Lara, thanks for your comments. I added mine too... and I agree with yut. I was there... do you have any video clips and / or pix ? I have many but none with me inthem :-( And i was right in the front of the satge , even got up on to the stage towards the end ... thanks, tom (bijouplage.net@gmail.com)

Tom (not verified) Thu, 08/29/2013 - 11:46

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