Busted! Drug-smuggling Dina El Sherbini gets arrested

Busted! Drug-smuggling Dina El Sherbini gets arrested
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Dina is innocent! stop ruining her reputation trying to get more audiences to read your news. the police haven't found a thing with her and yet they transformed her from the station to prison!!!! while khaled, the dealer as they call him, is still in the police station just for the fact that he comes from a rich family and of course can not be touched fearing his family's power and wealth!! I hope the day will come soon where everyone will find out that she had nothing to do with all this and had been wrongly accused. all dina did was visit a friend! she had no idea what he had in his apartment, she had nothing with her or any proof that relates her to the drugs they found in the man's house!! we who are close to her and can speak with confidence, we tell you that dina is innocent and that there is something wrong going on trying to cover up the man's mess and blaming dina instead! you can either just leave her alone or pray for her. but for the love of God just have some mercy on her family and stop harassing them with your false news.

Sarah (not verified) Tue, 12/03/2013 - 09:12

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