Enrique Iglesias still hero in Dubai

Enrique Iglesias still hero in Dubai
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Seriously???? A cheeky snog??? It was a lip-to-lip kind of s!@#$...Mention all the good part, but you missed out the part when he made EVERYONE wait for him for more than FIVE HOURS....gate didn't open at 7pm, it opened 8:30pm...and he came out 10:35pm...IMAGINE the LONG HOUR of standing, waiting! What was he thinking? Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, I was there, I waited...even if my FEET, and my entire BODY was in pain due to those RUDE NO MANNER people that kept pushing and pushing...Don't just write what is supposed to be the "good stuff"...you're a journalist, you're supposed to let the people know ALL what went on...May it be the good or the bad...But a quick advice Enrique, next time, check your watch...

Yearight (not verified) Mon, 10/29/2012 - 12:17

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