Coming out: “Family Secrets” challenges homosexual stereotypes in the Middle East

Coming out: “Family Secrets” challenges homosexual stereotypes in the Middle East
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For me? I recently came out of the closet inspired by young people I video chatted,I had no gay friends or gay bars around until now. :)

Vincenzo (not verified) Mon, 01/13/2014 - 18:14

The article states there is "no treatment for homosexuality"

Homosexuality is a self curing disorder. Once a homosexual realizes he cannot concieve a baby with his same-sex partner, voila, you are cured. If you continue to engage copulation with the assistance of the same sex even after recognizing that fact, then indeed you are not a homo-sexual, you are instead a homo-masterbater. So basically, the term homosexual only applies to individuals who engage same sex copulation with the hopes of obaining a baby from it. If you believe you can make a baby that way, then you are suffering from a phsycological disorder. If you acknowledge that you cannot create a baby that way, then you acknowledge that you are not engaing same-sex sexual relations, but masterbation. So definitions are critical. If you enjoy masterbation rather than sex because it is your intention to claim that g-d gave birth to you for purposes of masterbation rather than procreation, then just say it loud and proud and people will not think you are crazy. It is probably better to be seen as a born-masterbator than a person who suffers from a psychological disorder. That still does not mean that some people may think that 'born-masterbators' are just stupid people, but there is still a difference between crazy and stupid and if people really mean to call homosexuals stupid rather than crazy, we should start to make that distinction.

FrankNolo (not verified) Tue, 11/26/2013 - 16:08

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