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September 25, 2014

Nicole plays the role of a woman who has just broken up with her lover in her latest music video. (Image: Facebook)
10:04 GMT

Nicole Saba has a split personality... in her upcoming music vid "Ma Ba'a Etdu'eli" (Don't Call Me Anymore) that is!

Najwa is known for her great fashion sense and choice of fab frocks. (Image: Facebook)
09:28 GMT

Najwa Karam as the Guest of Honor at Dubai's "World of Fashion 2014" event this October.

Richard Branson at the launch of Virgin Radio Lebanon. (Image:
08:59 GMT

The Virgin Radio Lebanon has recorded the highest engagement and reach of any Facebook page worldwide.

Electronic music gurus The Human League have a roller coaster past. (Image: Facebook)
08:52 GMT

English electronic band The Human League will be taking the stage in Dubai on Thursday, but here's a history of the group ticket holders are about to see.

Soprano Zeina Barhoum stunned the audience with her beautiful at Samih's honoring event. (Image: Layalina)
08:45 GMT

The late Palestinian poet Samih al Qasim was honored at a beautiful event in the Jordanian capital Amman.

Asala Nasri has her precious passport back in possession. (Image: Facebook)
08:19 GMT

The Syrian regime had issued an arrest warrant against Assad critic Asala Nasri, leading her passport to be revoked in Lebanon.

September 24, 2014

Fifi Abdo won't belly dance for Ramadan drama unless you show her the money! (Image: Facebook)
14:34 GMT

A bad experience, or lack of cash, from her role in "Women's Vengeance" has left a bad taste in the Egyptian belly dancer's mouth. She's not about to lose out again!

This Syrian singer had someone say he had married again.
14:16 GMT

Now what we do know is that Nada Zeidan may just be a bit cray cray after she made the awkward, and untrue, announcement of her marriage to Syrian singer George Wassouf, whose health is seriously deteriorating, btw.

Is Asala Nasri in deep trouble now? (Image: Facebook)
13:38 GMT

After getting flagged by the INTERPOL in Lebanon, the Syrian songstress's passport was revoked Wednesday.

These two will soon say "I do" in Italy.
13:22 GMT

The wedding bells will soon be chiming, and the man that will say "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." is Georgie's Italian pal...

Cairokee performing in Tahrir Square.
12:16 GMT

With Egyptian band Cairokee in the running for an MTV EMA, underground bands are making their way to the top in the country.

The bath scene Ghada was heavily criticized for in "Saraya Abdeen." (Image:
09:57 GMT

While most people accused Ghada Adel's hubby of not letting her return to "Saraya Abdeen," she says it's got nothing to do with him!

A still from Ajram's latest performance in Cyprus. (Image: Erkanc Photography)
08:39 GMT

The last thing Nancy Ajram needed right now was to injure her eyes. But did surgery help?

The hosts of "Min Al Akher" on DMTV. (Image: File)
08:02 GMT

The highly-anticipated DMTV "Min Al Akher" season 3 will air in October 2014, with an even stronger line-up of high profile, all-star guests.

Biatch stole my style! Amal and Taylor were spotted wearing the same Oscar de la Renta floral dress! (Image: Facebook)
07:17 GMT

They may be nothing alike, but lawyer Amal Alamuddin and pop star Taylor Swift have the same taste in fashion!