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December 10, 2013

Mohammad al-Turki shaking hands at DIFF (Image: Twitter)
04:00 GMT

California dreaming worked for Saudi movie producer Mohammad al-Turki, as he shared at the Dubai International Film Festival

December 9, 2013

The funny moment Horeya fell off her seat in front of her celeb friends. (Image: Facebook)
13:13 GMT

Horeya Farghaly faced an embarrassing moment when she attended Mohammad Al Soghayyar's show in Cairo.

Pool time: Diana was criticized for posting a picture of her while relaxing in a swimming pool. (Image: Facebook)
12:45 GMT

Fans put Diana Karazon in the hot seat after posting a chilled out pic of her in a swimming pool. Oh, for shame!

Pound it, Mo, on a creative idea for a filming locale! (Image: Facebook)
09:53 GMT

Mixing work and pleasure, Egyptian singer made his way to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to film two music videos. How fun is that?!

Hottie Tamer Hosny has asked Shery Adel to join his all-star cast.
09:27 GMT

Tamer Hosny's lips are sealed when it comes to the top secret plans of his Ramadan 2014 television show "Yasin", but he has announced that Shery Adel has been added to the cast of the upcoming drama.

An 81-year-old Omar says he has become forgetful with his old age. (Image: Facebook)
09:13 GMT

This isn't the first time Omar Sharif has been accused of forgetting things, but has he actually been struggling with Alzheimer's for some time now?

Prostitution is becoming widely popular in the Middle East. (Image: Shutterstock)
08:09 GMT

The third season of "Sarkhat Rouh" tackles the dark world of prostitution in the Arab world.

Abeer Shams Al Din ready to shine on-screen once again. (Image courtesy of
08:07 GMT

She's been in hiding from the drama scene for the last few years, but our beloved Abeer Shams Al Din is ready to get back in the action at last!

Jennifer Grout, of Massachusetts, was one of the top-three finalists in the Arabs Got Talent final. (Image: Facebook)
06:46 GMT

Some were happy that she was in the finals, while others were happy that Jennifer Grout didn't win AGT! Which one were you?

Saudi troupe Khawater al Dalam announced the winner of the second season of Arabs Got Talent in 2012.
06:21 GMT

They may no longer be the reigning Arabs Got Talent winner after Syrian dance troupe “Sima” stole the title for the show's 3rd season on Saturday, but they still have a spot in the limelight with a performance at Sultan Qaboos University.

Will "Ajwan" be as big a hit as the Harry Potter book series? (Image:
04:00 GMT

Noura Al No’man’s goal to expand the science fiction genre in Arabic literature has seen her first novel Ajwan be one of five books to compete for the Best Young Adult Book Etisalat Award.

December 8, 2013

American actors Martin Sheen and Cate Blanchett make their celebrity appearance at DIFF
13:37 GMT

Hollywood comes to Dubai. American stars Cate Blanchett and Martin Sheen attend the opening ceremony of this year's DIFF amidst a strong selection of Arabic-language feature films.

Waleed Al Shehhi wins IWC Filmmaker award.
13:26 GMT

Amidst a celebrity-studded event, "Dolphins" filmmaker Waleed Al Shehhi makes it big at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).

Two Egyptians, one production: Ahmed Helmy and Nelly Karim will star in "Made in china" next year. (Image: AlBawaba edit)
12:58 GMT

Egyptian comedian actor Ahmed Helmy, AKA “The Prince,” and fellow Egyptian actress Nelly Karim will be starring together in the film "Suni' Fil Seen" (Made in China).

The delighted members of "Sima" congratulate each other as they're announced winners of Arabs Got Talent 2013. (Image: YouTube still)
12:04 GMT

After months of watching, waiting and voting, the Arabs Got Talent final landed on our TV screens and Syrian supremos "Sima" were announced winners of the night!