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January 22, 2014

The happy couple enjoying their engagement party with the celebrity father and mother in tow.
14:26 GMT

With grief being the name of the game the last couple years for Egyptian star Hani Shaker after losing his daughter to cancer, joy has returned to the family as they celebrated his son's soon nuptials.

Mai Izz El Din like it, so she put it on, but no, she's not engaged!
14:07 GMT

Note to self: just because a girl wears an engagement ring doesn't mean she's soon to be walking down the aisle. This epiphany came after the bling on actress Mai Izz El Din's finger gave rise to untrue rumors that she was in a serious relationship.

A hospital-bound Assi Helani is not what we love to see! (Image: Facebook)
13:42 GMT

Pictures popping up in our Facebook news feed gave rise to concern about beloved songster Assi Helani in the hospital, but the captions are reassuring that the superstar will live to sing another day!

Yahia Al Fakharani plays a man betrayed by his daughters in his upcoming film "Surprise". (Image courtesy of
13:02 GMT

Fans will get to feast their eyes on the drama encircling Yahia Al Fakharani's character in the drama "Surprise" every day of Ramadan this year.

Khaled Abu Al Naja knows a good part when he sees it, accepting the role originally offered to his brother. (Image: Facebook)
12:46 GMT

Aytin Amin's film screened at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival "Villa 69" was originally offered to Saif Abu Al Naja to star as the lead actor, but when he declined the offer, his brother Khaled said "sure"!

Farouk and his family by his bedside in hospital before he passed away. (Image: Facebook)
10:16 GMT

Comedian actor Farouk Naguib passed away in hospital on Tuesday.

Jennifer has "unofficially" converted from an atheist to a Muslim. (Image: Facebook)
09:32 GMT

Arabs Got Talent finalist Jennifer Grout has apparently converted to Islam, as seen in a recently leaked YouTube video!

Amr has confirmed his participation in the Hala February Festival this year. (Image:
09:11 GMT

Heartthrob Amr Diab will be taking part in the Hala February Festival this year. Well, that's one very good reason to get excited about it!

The Arab and Saudi cast of "Family of Five." (Image: Arab News)
07:29 GMT

A new Saudi comedy series titled "Family of Five" is coming to TV.

Rose won the first ever Israeli version of the hit show "X-Factor." (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

The decision came after the intervention of Minister of Interior Gideon Sa'ar who instructed the Population Registry to allow Fostanes, a Philippines citizen, to work as a singer.

January 21, 2014

Yummy granny: Rola told the whole world how old Haifa really is! (Image: Albawaba edit)
12:53 GMT

What's a girl to do when her own sis exposes her? Rola Yamout tells everyone half sis Haifa Wehbe's real age!

Melhem with his (one and only) Yemeni wife Tamani. (Image: Facebook)
11:19 GMT

Did Melhem Zein get himself a second wifey? Rumor has it he's into one Lebanese woman in particular!

Mona Zaki posing with her husband in one of her many pics posted to social media recently. (Image: Twitter)
10:15 GMT

The Egyptian actress has gone social media wild, posting pic after pic from her home, on vacation, and out on the town.

Elham has often criticized the Muslim Brotherhood for the actions she opposes them for. (Image: Facebook)
10:00 GMT

Did Elham Shahin tell a French radio station that she’ll be launching her own religious TV station?

Amr Diab's walking on sunshine now that his account is cleared (Image: Facebook)
09:48 GMT

After frustratingly getting hacked by a political activist into his Twitter account, singing sensation Amr Diab is happy to announce that he's back in Tweeting business.