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December 8, 2013

Winning: Mohamed Saad got his revenge on TV channels who refused to pay him the remainder of his business payment. (Image: AlBawaba)
09:35 GMT

What do you do when someone robs you? Sue them of course. Actor Mohamed Saad gets his revenge on thieving TV channels.

One of the pictures proving Samira hasn't aged a day over 35! (Image: Facebook)
08:04 GMT

Samira Said has returned to the spotlight in a photo shoot dubbed as awfully similar to that of Egyptian superstar Sherihan's!

Here Elissa sits in her new Editor-in-Chief seat. (Image: Facebook)
08:00 GMT

Jamalouki magazine scored big when they snatched Arab pop icon Elissa as their new editor-in-chief!

Let's talk about LOVE and this artwork by Nadine Hammam. ! (Photo: courtesy of ArtTalks)
07:00 GMT

More film screenings, book fairs, and live performances are yours for the attending across Egypt this week! Check it out!

Lebanese songstress and X Factor judge Elissa is one of the region's many superstars paying their social media respects to the late, great Nelson Mandela
06:00 GMT

We're not the only ones in sorrow over the loss of an iconic political figure. Many of our region's celebs have taken to social media to remember the late Nelson Mandela.

Expect to hear Vanilla's popular hits and new tracks as he brings in the new year in Dubai. (Image: Facebook)
04:00 GMT

Yeah, baby yeah! Vanilla Ice is going to rock your world on New Year's Eve in Dubai. Buy your tickets now, before it's too late!

December 7, 2013

Will Kuwait change their minds and allow Mayada to enter in time for the February festival? (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Kuwaitis clearly don't want Mayada El Henawi in their country... but why?

The rare picture of Warda playing football. (Image:
04:00 GMT

Who knew that the late Warda enjoyed football?

December 6, 2013

Behind the scenes of Nancy's new music video with her director. (Image: Twitter)
06:00 GMT

Arabia's sweetheart Nancy Ajram has released a sassy new song, showing a side of Nancy not normally seen! "Ma Aw'idak Ma Agheer" (I will not Promise I will not be Jealous) holds strong feelings of love, doubt, jealousy and pride between lovers.

Screenshot from the documentary.
04:00 GMT

The documentary following politically diverse Egyptian revolutionaries is on the short list for next year's Oscar's with tall hopes of snatching the award.

December 5, 2013

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil is coming to Dubai. (Image: Ticketmaster)
11:55 GMT

You can finally purchase your ticket to watch the thrilling Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil in Dubai.

No wonder the beautiful Sulaf Fawakherji was cast in two movies in one year! (Image: Facebook)
09:38 GMT

Sulaf Fawakherji has started filming her second movie this year. Which one will you go to the movies for?

Dominique Hourani in her new music video: "Batal Fiya" (I Cannot Take It Anymore) (Image: Twitter)
09:23 GMT

Lebanese songstress Dominique Hourani can now be heard on music channels with her latest music video "Batal Fiya" (I Cannot Take It Anymore).

Cyrine Abdelnour in a scene with Khaled Al Nabawi from their film "The Traveller." (Image: YouTube still)
09:12 GMT

Egyptian actor Khaled Al Nabawi is doing super well for himself in Hollywood! Now, he's got a new movie out, but the reviews are mixed. American wannabe, or aspiring Middle Eastern actor - you decide!

Abed Fahed faired a big diss quite well.
08:45 GMT

Awkward alert! Syrian actor Abed Fahed was embarrassed by Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani who had no idea who he was at the Al Biaq Festival.