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January 21, 2014

Elham has often criticized the Muslim Brotherhood for the actions she opposes them for. (Image: Facebook)
10:00 GMT

Did Elham Shahin tell a French radio station that she’ll be launching her own religious TV station?

Amr Diab's walking on sunshine now that his account is cleared (Image: Facebook)
09:48 GMT

After frustratingly getting hacked by a political activist into his Twitter account, singing sensation Amr Diab is happy to announce that he's back in Tweeting business.

Ola Ghanem, the bad a** doctor fighting corruption in her character's company. (Image: Facebook)
09:35 GMT

Egyptian starlet Ola Ghanem has laid her yes on the table to star in the new film ""Romeo Al Sayidah" (The Lady's Romeo) as a corruption-unveiling doctor.

The two divas, Mayada and Asala, have another one of their usual verbal fights. (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:01 GMT

Mayada Al Hinawi has verbally attacked Asala Nasi in yet another one of their ongoing feuds!

"Faisal Goes West" is a film premiering at the festival this week. (Image: Facebook)
08:46 GMT

Starting today in Khartoum, the first edition of the Sudan Independent Film Festival is kicking off with a performance by Egyptian singer Dina El Wadidi and Said Fouad as guest of honor.

Jordan Belfort is the real-life "Wolf of Wall Street" from whom the movie was based.
08:26 GMT

While UAE peeps are showing up to the cinema to watch Leonardo DiCaprio's "The Wolf of Wall Street", albeit 45 minutes shorter than the rest of the world due to censorship, the real-life Jordan Belfort is coming to Dubai to speak at a business forum.

Speaking to the hearts of his co-patriots in the city of Jeddah, Orazio Sciortino brought down the house in the Italian consulate.
05:00 GMT

Italian pianist Orazio Sciortio clanked the keys in gifted fashion at a Jeddah concert in his country's consulate.

January 20, 2014

There's still plenty of entertainment for Egypt over the next few days.
13:06 GMT

Expected protests in Egypt this weekend means most venues are closing their doors on Friday and Saturday, but here are a few fun things to do for the next few days!

Mohammad Hunaidi says don't worry, my drama isn't the same as Hind Sabri's, even though its title sounds like it!
12:51 GMT

Playing a newlywed with Ghada Adel in “Ayzeen Nitjawaz” (We Want to Get Married), Mohammad Hunaidi's newest project is not a total replica of Hind Sabri's “Ayez Atjawaz” (I Want to Get Married) a few year's back, despite the similarity of their titles.

Muscat Festival attendees will see live in concert Carmen Suleiman and Majed Al Mohandes this year.
12:11 GMT

Music and sports, that's what the youth want! No food festival or fashion week at this year's Muscat Festival, but there will be Majed Al Mohandes and Carmen Suleiman in concert!

The film follows three revolutionaries, Ahmed Hassan, Magdy Ashour and Khalid Abdalla. (Image: Naharnet)
09:59 GMT

"The Square" is a film about the Egyptian Revolution and what the Egyptian people have been doing since 2011. This is a review of the 2013 production.

Tayem Hassan and Bassel Khayat will star together in "The Brothers." (Image: Albawaba edit)
09:28 GMT

After limiting his acting participation to only two TV drama series this year, Lebanese and Egyptian ones, Syrian actor Bassel Khayat has decided to go the extra mile and star in a third drama this year.

Wael thinks people are in need of his religious music album. (Image: Facebook)
08:49 GMT

Wael Jassar refused to discuss his religious views, yet is soon coming out with a religious music album!

A perfect V Day present: Live the Legend of Zorro in Abu Dhabi this Feb. (Image:
08:11 GMT

The sexy Zorro will come to life on stage in Abu Dhabi for the first time ever, in a dramatic theatre production that’s sure to blow your mind away.

The UAE community and visitors will experience both the tangible and intangible heritage of the Emirate through a wide range of activities at the grounds of Qasr Al Hosn. (Image:
07:43 GMT

The annual Qasr Al Hosn Festival will be celebrating the history of the fort and centuries of Emirati culture and tradition in the UAE starting this February.