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October 1, 2014

Mr. Romance Kadem Al Saher is headed to Star Academy this week.
14:23 GMT

It's the fourth episode of the season as Kadem Al Saher arrives on the scene to show the hopeful musicians how it's done.

A not-so-nice Nadia Al Jundi is driving her cast and crew crazy. (Image: Facebook)
14:00 GMT

Nadia Al Jundi has allegedly become a bossy pants on set the drama "Asrar" (Secrets). If you've got the cash, you can clearly do whatever you want. You just might not have any friends.

Abu Dhabi Film Festival is about to get their Cairo cinema on with three films from Egypt in competitions at the event.
13:22 GMT

Within a few years, the Abu Dhabi Film Festival has established itself as one of the most important cinema events in the MENA region, and Egypt has three films competing against others from around the world.

Hind says her late colleague Khaled Saleh predicted his own death. (Image: Facebook)
13:15 GMT

Could the late comedian actor Khaled Saleh really have predicted his own death? According to Tunisian actress Hind Sabri, he really did!

Pharrell Williams has the whole world smiling. (Image: Facebook)
12:47 GMT

Clap along if watching Pharrell is what you want to do! Oh, and buy tickets to the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi this November.

Sharif and Sherine will still go head to head in court in Oct! (Image: Albawaba edit)
11:11 GMT

Sherine Abdel Wahab's court hearing has been postponed for a while longer, much to the dismay of Sharif Muneer.

Atshani is showcasing his latest film "Negar's Role" at the Aberdeen Film Festival. (Image:
08:14 GMT

Iranian director Ali Atshani’s latest creation Negar’s Role is to be showcased at the First Aberdeen International Film Festival in Scotland.

September 30, 2014

Is Hassan Al Shafei flying solo so soon? (Image: Facebook)
21:15 GMT

With his nuptials celebrated just over a year ago, some are already beginning to think that Hassan Al Shafei and his new wife have parted ways.

George and Amal looked picture perfect in the first-to-be-revealed wedding photo. (Image: Hello!)
12:06 GMT

In a world exclusive, PEOPLE HELLO! magazine are delighted to present the first photos of the eagerly anticipated wedding between the Hollywood heart-throb and his beautiful barrister bride.

Well, here's some pictoral proof that Nada and George are getting pretty close, to say the least.
11:57 GMT

We are still kind of reeling with all these rumors. Can they be true?

Amr Diab is still looking good at 52. (Image: Facebook)
11:34 GMT

One of Egypt's hottest stars shined on stage the Mousa Coast Resort on the Red Sea and shared with his faithful fans in attendance what big things are on his horizon.

Alicia Keys kickin' it with Idan Raichel and Ali Amr (Image: Facebook)
09:56 GMT

That's why "We are Here". In a musical plea for peace and forgiveness, Alicia Keys performed a moving song alongside artists from the Middle East.

US actor George Clooney and British lawyer Amal Alamuddin arrive on September 29, 2014 at the palazzo Ca Farsetti in Venice, for a civil ceremony to officialise their wedding. (Image: AFP/PIERRE TEYSSOT)
09:48 GMT

Newlyweds George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin officialised their wedding on Monday, as they were welcomed by crowds of Venetian council workers hoping for some political support from the high-powered couple.

It's official now. Abu Dhabi Film Festival has unveiled the exciting lineup for this year's event. (Image: Facebook)
09:21 GMT

The lineup for the 2014 edition of this red carpet event was officially released Monday.

Egyptian digital artist Ahmed Emad Eldin designs cover for Pink Floyd's new album The Endless River. (Image: Facebook)
08:46 GMT

Egyptian digital artist Ahmed Emad Eldin designs cover for Pink Floyd's new album The Endless River.