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June 3, 2014

Amr assured everyone that he's still an Egyptian citizen. (Image: Facebook)
09:49 GMT

Rumor has it that Egyptian actor Amr Waked gave up his Egyptian citizenship last week!

Shatha is still producing successful music that her fans just love to hear. (Image: Facebook)
09:06 GMT

Not sure if her song "Henianah" was a hit with her fans, Shatha Hassoun took to Twitter to find out!

Adam Driver has a new blockbuster to add to his imdb portfolio. (Image cropped from
09:00 GMT

After viewing the old movies as a child, it's nearly unbelievable for Adam Driver to be starring in the seventh episode.

Everybody loves Kazem but he's not ready to sacrifice his freedom for love now! (Image: Facebook)
08:03 GMT

Heartthrob Kazem El Saher isn't looking to settle down anytime soon... what a shame!

Bassem Youssef was feeling the pressure as he said goodbye to TV again.
07:00 GMT

"Enormous" pressure has led the Egyptian satirist to step away from the camera.

The Rolling Stones have arrived
05:47 GMT

Tel Aviv fans can now wave hello to The Rolling Stones if they catch a sighting of the stars that arrived in Israel ahead of their June 4 performance.

Music notes used for illustrative purposes only.
05:38 GMT

The city-traveling festival is going down in Tehran this year June 14-23.

June 2, 2014

Elissa tweeted some happy news to her 3.2 million followers! (Image: Facebook)
14:08 GMT

Elissa tweeted some happy news to her 3.2 million followers!

Although Taim deeply hurt Dima with his regrettable actions, she still hopes he finds "the right woman." (Image: Albawaba edit)
13:54 GMT

Dima Bayaa dropped a bombshell on her fans this week after announcing that her ex-hubby Taim Hassan cheated on her when they were married.

A Still from the "Jabal Al Halal" cast & crew's video dancing to Hussain's "Good News." (Image: YouTube still)
11:10 GMT

What did we tell ya about Hussain Al Jasmi's "Bushret Khair" (Good News) music video? Yep, it's gone viral!

Here's looking at you, Duraid Laham!
11:00 GMT

With a name like Duraid Laham in the lineup, the Ramadan series “Abwab Al Reeh” (Gates of the Wind) is sure to be a big hit.

The cameras are rolling in Abu Dhabi for Star Wars: Episode VII.
09:00 GMT

Filming the seventh episode of the Star Wars franchise means something big for Abu Dhabi.

Angelina Jolie has confirmed she is involved with 'Cleopatra'. (Image:
08:43 GMT

Angelina Jolie has confirmed she may appear in 'Cleopatra' if the correct script is written.

Clooney and Amal are set to wed in September. (Image: Arab News)
08:17 GMT

Actor George Clooney is reportedly petrified about his wedding with British lawyer and fiancee Amal Alamuddin.

"Wonderbox" was one of the many May highlights in Egypt (Image still from Ahram's video).
08:00 GMT

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Here's the greatest of what Egypt had to offer in May 2014