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May 7, 2013

The culprit who invaded the stage at Justin Bieber’s gig on Sunday appears to have apologised to the teen heartthrob.
06:31 GMT

The culprit who invaded the stage at Justin Bieber’s Dubai gig on Sunday appears to have apologised to the teen heartthrob.

May 6, 2013

The 19-year-old singer thinks he is a "romantic" person and believes it is a guy's responsibility to create gestures of love in a relationship. (Photo: Twitter)
10:12 GMT

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber says he'd lose his 'masculinity' if he let a girl take him out.

Mohammad Assaf's shining moment
09:43 GMT

Jury’s still out if Mohammad Assaf will be the next Arab Idol, but he won’t ever forget the moment he wowed everyone with his performance of "Ya REIT Feeni Khabeeha".

Tamer's got somethin' new to sing about!
09:09 GMT

Egypt’s favorite songster is a new daddy after his wife Basma gave birth to their daughter “Taliyah” in the U.S.

Islamic art is coming to the world renowned Louvre Museum in Paris.
08:11 GMT

For the first time ever, a major Western museum, the Louvre, has provided a permanent home for an Islamic art collection. The Louvre has provided massive new gallery space to house "one of the richest collections of Islamic art in the world."

Twofour54 studios in Abu Dhabi
07:56 GMT

twofour54 has announced the filming of a new Syrian drama titled Hammam Shami at its Abu Dhabi studios.

Justin Bieber
07:13 GMT

His crazy antics didn't end before Dubai. Justin Bieber peaced out of a top nightclub with flair after being denied alcohol, even though Dubai authorities made a “special rule” allowing the underage pop teen star into the joint.

Justin Bieber is ok and untouched after the incident.
07:04 GMT

Bieber fever made a fan go off the chain and storm the stage, knocking over the piano, during Justin's concert last night in Dubai.

May 5, 2013

Pascale Machaalani too daring
10:33 GMT

Time to rewind and re-edit for Pascale Machaalani after her new video clip for 'Girls Dreams' was deemed too daring.

Shakira pre-baby Milan- those hips don't lie! Photo taken from Shakira's Facebook page
10:20 GMT

Half Lebanese global superstar Shakira has spoken out about how difficult it is to get back in shape after having a baby.

Arab Idol contestants
10:07 GMT

After a week away, Ragheb Alama returns to the judging bench of Arab Idol and clears the water about rumors of conflict between him and last week's guest star.

X Factor Arabia
10:02 GMT

On the 7th episode of X Factor Arabia, contestants got a chance to sing to a tune from their favorite idol, performances which left Salwa Alanouf saying farewell to the competition.

Dominique Hourani at LIPS fashion week in Beirut. Image taken from her Facebook page.
09:51 GMT

The dreams of Lebanese diva Dominique Hourani have inspired a Lebanese designer to create a Spring/Summer collection of dresses

Justin Bieber is worth waiting for
07:40 GMT

He finally made it. Dubai 'Beliebers' waited months for the Justin Bieber 'Believe' concert, so what was another two hours? The mamas of the young fans were not quite so patient with the 10pm start time.

The elusive Justin Bieber was nowhere to be found at Dubai Mall
07:24 GMT

Don't believe everything you read on Twitter. Thousands Justin Bieber fans flocked to Dubai Mall after the teen star's bodyguard tweeted that he would be going to 'Millions of Milkshakes'. Disappointment was all the thousands of 'Beliebers' found.