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August 3, 2013

No Asma Al Manwar in Carthage this weekend!
09:00 GMT

Moroccan singer Asma Al Manwar turned down the Carthage Festival invite to show props to the all the lives lost in Tunisia.

The official poster for "Hayat's Story." (Image: Facebook)
06:00 GMT

This Ramadan, TV producers have drifted more towards shockingly unethical storylines, and moved away from traditional family-friendly shows.

August 2, 2013

Sami Yusuf is coming you, Oman!
05:00 GMT

The Sultan Qaboos University has never sounded so good as it will August 30th with the presence of "Islam's biggest rock star", Sami Yusuf ready to rock!

August 1, 2013

Yousra is overwhelmed by the success of her Ramadan TV show. (Image: Facebook)
11:54 GMT

Nothing feels better than the sweet taste of success. Egyptian actress Yousra has been getting a lot of that this Ramadan!

Egyptian singer Angham sings in a Lebanese accent. (Image: Facebook)
09:52 GMT

Singer Sherine Abdel Wahab has sung in a Lebanese accent, and now fellow Egyptian songstress Angham wants a piece of the action too!

Nelly Karim can't believe they think she's insulting.
09:15 GMT

Everybody is so touchy these days, it seems, with fans taking offense to every move the stars make. Nelly Karim claims she didn’t do anything wrong in her new TV drama “That”, despite the accusations.

Grammy Award-winner AR Rahman at the Coke Studio@MTV event. (Image:
09:02 GMT

The popular TV show Coke Studio@MTV is back for a third season.

Saba Mubarak and Muna Zaki are serious about their acting, whether their role is big or small!
08:44 GMT

Success for Saba isn’t measured by the span of her role, so why are people criticizing her small part in “Asia”, starring Muna Zaki?

A scene from Ramadan's TV show "Minors." (Image: Facebook)
08:30 GMT

This year, Ramadan TV shows have been more x-rated than any other year. But TV drama "Minors" has certainly broken more boundaries than any other series around.

Superstar Nancy Ajram will tour the US in October. (Image: Facebook)
07:57 GMT

Our favorite megastar Nancy Ajram will finally be touring the US again this October.

Roll tape! Nawal Al Zoghbi is ready for the film industry! (Image: Facebook)
05:35 GMT

Yes we love her songs, but now our fave actress in moving into the world of theatrics. Hopefully, it won’t be long ‘til we see that face on screen!

July 31, 2013

Abd El Sattar Fathy, the head of censorship on artistic work. Photo credit: (Ahram gate)
12:46 GMT

If it's labeled "Adult Only", then Egypt's censorship board probably wouldn't be want it included in a Ramadan drama marathon. This year, the board is none too pleased with how many shows slipped through the censorship cracks.

Beware the click, Elissa's got a virus! (Image: Facebook)
12:22 GMT

No it’s not swine flu, but superstar Elissa’s got a virus. She’s sadly joined the league of celebs whose names are being used to distribute an Internet virus. Watch out for that link!

See? He's tough. Ahmad Al Sakka did NOT get kidnapped!
12:21 GMT

The latest crazy Arab celebosphere rumor was the kidnapping of Ahmad Al Sakka at the funeral of his colleague’s mother. Where do they get this stuff?

Friendly fires between Mina Shalabi and Kinda Alloush? (Image: Facebook)
11:56 GMT

Actresses Kinda Alloush and Mina Shalabi are living in a bubble of rumors. The “Niran Sadeeqa” (Friendly Fires) stars are said to be on bad terms, on and off the set of their show.