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June 4, 2013

British comedian Al Murray throws up the deuces to Dubai.
11:06 GMT

It may not be a once in a lifetime experience, but it's still a one night only chance this year to see ‘The Pub Landlord’ Al Murray, with Done Events today announcing his welcomed return to the city

Amina K knows fashion (Courtesy of AminaK)
10:51 GMT

Heliopolis hosted the newest wares from local designer Amina K at the Eklego showroom last Tuesday and Wednesday, promoting Egyptian workmanship and quality.

Haifa and Hatem al Iraqi both rocked Iraq and the Lebanese Wehbe left with even more of a passion for Kurdish music.
06:51 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe had the time of her life in Iraq and dreams of returning and singing a Kurdish song to boot!

100 Live festival is headed to downtown Cairo.
06:00 GMT

Spotlighting Egypt's underground music scene, 100 Live festival will take place at Rawabet Theatre in downtown Cairo.

Cheb Khaled performed on Arab Idol, shortly before his Dubai gig.
05:08 GMT

In Dubai last Saturday to perform a special gig at Cavalli Club, 'King of Rai' Cheb Khaled was interviewed about his world of music.

June 3, 2013

Hala Fhaker claims innocence to charges of fraud and issuing false checks.
16:31 GMT

Egyptian actress Hala Fhaker may have to spend almost 5 years in jail for fraud charges over a villa in Rehab, Egypt.

No more Morsi, says El-Fan Midan street festival organizers (Photos by Monica Elashy)
12:56 GMT

Organisers of popular Cairo art festival El-Fan Midan support anti-Morsi 'Rebel' campaign by dedicating 1 June event to collect signatures.

Alicia Keys is set to sing to Israel next month.
10:01 GMT

R&B singer Alicia Keys is scheduled to appear in Tel Aviv on American Independence Day next month, but she's getting major celebrity backlash for doing so.

Moroccan Islamist Abdel Bari Zamzami wants Jessie J to hit the road jack.
09:35 GMT

A Moroccan Islamist slams Jessie J’s daring outfit during her gig at the 12th Mawazine World Rhythms International Music Festival in Rabat.

Hassan Al Shafei the new face of Hugo Boss perfumes
09:05 GMT

One of Arab Idol's judges is venturing into the world of advertising. Hassan Al Shafei is ready to represent Hugo Boss perfumes throughout the region.

Khyam Allami comes to town (Photo taken from
07:28 GMT

Khyam Allami, Maurice Louca and Khaled Yassine mix it up with electric and acoustic music in a summer tour starting Friday.

June 2, 2013

Rami Sabri shows he's friends again with Asala Nasri and her husband.
12:06 GMT

At Cairo's happenin' Middle East Music Award Festival, award winning singers and duet performers Asala Nasri and Rami Sabri give every sign that they are indeed friends.

Suhair Ramzi grieves her sister.
11:31 GMT

Egyptian actress Suhair Ramzi is mourning the loss of her beloved sister and has put a hold on filming her Ramadan drama until further notice.

Majida makes a splash.
09:55 GMT

Majida Al Roumi makes it into the all-star lineup of Morocco's Timitar Festival at the end of June.

Ghada Ragab gets noted by Ambassador.
09:32 GMT

Ghada Ragab has love of country to Egypt, as well its relationship to Turkey. She's used her vocal talents to spread the feeling to fans, for which the Turkish Ambassador to Egypt has taken notice.