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July 15, 2013

JLo looks glam, even in the hot-seat! (Image: Facebook)
08:32 GMT

Remember when Jennifer Lopez sang 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' for President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow in the Muslim country of Turkmenistan? Well, human rights groups are still going cray-cray.

Ola Ghanem's sexy and she knows it this Ramadan!
07:23 GMT

Is Ola Ghanem's Ramadan movie poster for real? The promo piece shows a little too much skin for some, especially when it's screening will be on Eid El Fitr.

Layla Elwi says who cares? (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Outspoken actress Layla Elwi fires back at those making up rumors about her. Yeah, you go girl!

July 14, 2013

So what? Elham Shahin turns down invite to meet Morsi. (Image: Facebok)
14:11 GMT

What does one do when a President requests a meeting with them? If you're actress Elham Shahin then you snub them of course!

Rania Youssef spices things up (Image: Facebook)
13:00 GMT

Is Rania Youssef’s Ramadan role in "Majwa Harrah" (Hot Front) totes inapprope for the holy month? You be the judge.

Lana del Rey's got the glamor to glitter up Byblos Festival (Image: Facebook)
12:00 GMT

The Byblos International Festival got a little more glamorous when U.S singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey performed hits from her album “Born to Die”.

RIP Nidal Sejari. (Image: Facebook)
10:38 GMT

Renowned Syrian actor Nidal Sejari passes away at 48 after losing battle with cancer.

Single and ready mingle: Dalia Al Buhairi divorces hubby. (Image: Facebook)
09:41 GMT

Why can't people just stay happily married? Egyptian actress Dalia Al Buhairi would have liked that.

Singer Mohammad Abdo was a victim of traditional marriage. (Image: Facebook)
09:03 GMT

Imagine marrying someone without really knowing who they are? Saudi singer Mohammad Abdo was forced to do just that!

'Halima Bond' will now be on demand!
08:47 GMT

It's days like this that we just want to hug and squeeze Arabic media giant, Rotana. They've just announced that their movies and shows like 'Halima Bond' game show are only a click away with a new, free video-on-demand service.

Durra is daring when she wants to be
08:24 GMT

Tough girl, Tunisian actress Durra hit up the new Ramadan show "Huwa...Hiah wa Al Jarieah" (Him...Her and the Daring One) and admitted to being bold on screen, but chill on the home scene.

Do I look 10/10? Asala Nasri loves her plastic surgery! (Image: Facebook)
08:23 GMT

Do you think if singer Asala Nasri has any more surgeries we will be able to recognize her? We'll just have to wait to find out!

Even Ola Ghanem's getting serious
05:00 GMT

Since politics plays into nearly every aspect of life, the drama going down in Egypt isn't limited to the streets. The Ramadan dramas have a serious political overtone this year.

July 13, 2013

What could this mean? Madonna in chain-mail Muslim niqab. (Image: Facebook)
08:30 GMT

The Queen of Pop is used to dropping our jaws with her outrageous looks, but what could Madonna's niqab look possibly mean now?

Beirut's festivals will still carry on, despite the turmoil (Image: Beirut Holidays 2013 Facebook)
05:00 GMT

While some International stars are changing their minds about lighting up the night at Beirut's festivals, Lebanese artists aren't terribly fazed by the turmoil around. The shows will go on!