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June 24, 2013

The Baalbeck Festival is staged at the Roman-era temple complex
06:04 GMT

It may not be the Civil War all over again, but things around the Bekaa Valley where the International festival takes place are certainly not peaceful right now. Organizers of the event are weighing options to see if a change of venue is necessary.

June 23, 2013

Kazem Al Saher and Yosra Mahnouch, mentor and mentee from the hit TV show The Voice, will perform together in Beirut. (Image courtesy of
15:15 GMT

The Voice runner up Yosra Mahnouch and her mentor, Iraqi heartthrob Kazem Al Saher, will be performing together at a festival in July this summer.

Ninteen-year-old singer Justin Bieber keeps monkeyin' around. (Photo: Justin Bieber's Instagram)
12:30 GMT

After saying farewell to his monkey in Munich on the international tour that led him to Dubai, Justin Bieber made sure he didn’t repeat the same caretaker mistake twice and delayed a flight to retrieve another pet, much to the annoyance of airport staff.

British comedian Russell Brand says he has cancelled Middle Eastern dates on his forthcoming tour after promoters said they couldn't guarantee his safety.
11:57 GMT

British comedian Russell Brand says he has cancelled Middle Eastern dates on his forthcoming tour after promoters said they couldn't guarantee his safety.

The AI foursome getting along at last
11:35 GMT

The region's hottest talent show finished strong with the judges actually getting along. What gives?

Mic Check for Salalem at the Citadel (Photo courtesy of band's Facebook page)
10:23 GMT

Cairo's old-school Salah Eddin Citadel transformed to the hipster place to be on World Music Day. Three Egyptian bands rocked it on stage for the June 20th Fête de la Musique celebration.

Ahmed Helmy flyin' solo in Beirut
09:59 GMT

Has the actor/comedian put the region's hottest talent show over his marriage? Ahmed Helmy flew the filming coup to represent his homeboy contestant Ahmad Jamal in Arab Idol's grand finale without the wife.

Mohammad Assaf rejoices! (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
06:56 GMT

All Palestinians have been rooting for their homeboy, Arab Idol contestant Mohammad Assaf, to win the title. Their wishes came true last night, as the talented singer became the next big thing in the region's music industry.

June 22, 2013

12:07 GMT

It won't be long until we can see the Egyptian starlet on screen once again after more than 15 years!

Elissa's got herself a Spaniard.
06:00 GMT

Elissa's got a new music video with a dreamy lover from Spain.

June 21, 2013

Dubai dives into fun this summer
06:00 GMT

The temperature isn't the only thing sizzlin' in Dubai this summer. There are tons of activities all around town, including performances by Smurfs and Hollywood comics, The Wayans Bros.

June 20, 2013

Suhair Ramzi may not be back this Ramadan, but rest assured, she'll be back.
11:15 GMT

So much for Ramzi's triumphal return! Both of her Ramadan projects have been placed on the back burner and it looks like her comeback has been delayed.

Saleh Al Shunnar soon to be a director star?
10:25 GMT

Saleh Al Shunnar submitted his 10-minute short 'Recycled' about littering in the UAE, and now it's been shortlisted for the Arab Film Studio (ASF) 2013 competition.

Dubai rappers bringin' down 'da house tonight! (Photo courtesy of the event Facebook page)
09:31 GMT

The Ultimate Freestyle Night is hosting a healthy competition for the region's budding rappers in an Arab Idol-inspired event. To top it off, iFLY Dubai will be demonstrating indoor skydiving feats in the background!

Tamer digs being a daddy
08:45 GMT

Having a little baby girl has rocked songster Tamer Hosny’s world. While we are all keeping our eyes on the Egyptian superstar, he can’t take his own off his daughter, Talia.