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October 8, 2013

Maisa Moghrabi may have lost that special touch (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Has Maisa lost the ability to keep the audience interested as she presents the game show "The Millionaire" on Dubai TV?

October 7, 2013

The revealing outfit Maya wore on the episode of Splash. (Image: Facebook)
14:27 GMT

Lebanese beauty Maya Diab has no problem speaking her mind when necessary. Now, she's hitting back at her critics.

Sherine's song was a big hit on Youtube, with over 6 million views in 3 months. (Image: Facebook)
13:41 GMT

While singer Sherine Abdelwahab was busy working on her latest album, her song “Masha'er” (Feelings) turned into a Youtube hit.

Najwa Karam was accused of being "fake" by Rola Hamadeh. (Image: Facebook)
13:06 GMT

Is it jealousy or is Rola Hamadeh right in accusing one Arabs Got Talent judge of being fake?

Jason Carter's eclectic style mixes music with mission to unify (Image: Facebook)
09:47 GMT

His list of countries visited is 90 long, but Jason Carter's musical set will be just as diverse tonight at 'The Fridge' in Dubai.

Wafaa Amer denies drama circulating her and her production company. (Image: Facebook)
09:16 GMT

No 'Gentle Revenge' needed because all the drama has been reserved for the cameras. Wafaa Amer denies she pulled out her claws to ensure her sis made it into the spotlight next to her.

Ratiba El-Hefny left her mark on Egypt's cultural scene.
08:54 GMT

Ratiba El-Hefny passed away on 16th of September, but the memory of her many artistic achievements lives on.

Lebanese documentarian Carol Mansour releases new film “Not Who We Are." (Image: Facebook)
08:42 GMT

Veteran Lebanese documentarian Carol Mansour, illustrates the plight of five women forced to reside in this country due to the outbreak of civil war in Syria in new film.

Mays Hamdan loved playing "Nuha" on Death Game. (Image: Facebook)
08:24 GMT

Mays Hamdan talks about the success of her latest drama “Li'bat Mawt” (Death Game).

Naomi Watts plays Princess Diana in the controversial flick (Image: Facebook)
08:22 GMT

The British Pakistani heart surgeon whose alleged relationship with Princess Diana has inspired the controversial biopic 'Diana' is none too pleased with how the film portrays his relationships.

What's a superstar to do without his MacBook power charger? (Image: Facebook)
07:13 GMT accidentally left his MacBook power charger on stage at the recent Dubai Music Week, and Myles Galloway is doing everything he can to get it back to the singer.

October 6, 2013

Judge Ali Jaber was absent at the beginning of the show. (Image: Facebook)
14:43 GMT

Missed it? Here's a recap of Arabs Got Talent episode 4!

Dima Bayaa will be tying the knot in Morocco next year. (Image: Facebook)
14:01 GMT

Syrian actress Dima Bayaa is busy planning the wedding of her dreams.

Mohammad Hunaidi to return with sequel to "Mosalsaliko" next Ramadan. (Image:
13:21 GMT

Mohammad Hunaidi's successful Ramadan riddles show has a sequel next year.

Yara wants her fans to know what celebs are like away from the spotlight. (Image: Facebook)
12:43 GMT

Yara wants her fans to know that the life of a celebrity is not all fun and games; they can't lead normal lives, according to her.