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June 11, 2013

Pascale's dreams are coming true. The pop princess is on top of the world.
13:00 GMT

With more than a million views on YouTube in less than three weeks, Lebanese pop princess Pascale Machalaani’s “Girls Dreams” is a major hit!

The band is ready to release their new album!
11:00 GMT

One of the region's most promising ensembles has big things in store with a new album "What's Wrong with Beirut?" that's ready for release during their exciting slot in the Beirut Holidays concert series.

Tamer tones down with new film on hold.
10:14 GMT

It's not all rainbows and gumdrops anymore for Tamer Hosny's career. Everything has been looking up for the superstar until the writer for his new film peaced out from the project.

Jenny Asper returns as 'Media' with the rest of the girls.
09:43 GMT

Syrian actress Jenny Asper returns after taking time off to give birth and has begun filming for the fifth sequel of the popular television drama "Sabaya" (The Girls).

100LIVE 2013 was rockin'! (Photo courtesy of 100 LIVE 2013 Facebook page)
08:40 GMT

The electronic music festival hosted by 100COPIES was a smashing success. Groups like Cellar Door, Zuli, El Madfa3geya and others from abroad brought the party to Egypt last weekend.

Ahlam has a stage presence already. Why not become a preacher?
08:09 GMT

Tweets between controversial Saudi cleric Mohammad Al Arifi and super celebrity Ahlam ignite intense debate across Gulf countries. Is Ahlam about to have a major career change?

Egoz is ready to rock on Sunday
04:00 GMT

Egypt's underground rock band, Egoz, is beginning the launch of their tour, ‘Songs From The Temple,’ and debut album at home base at the El-Sawy Culturewheel on Sunday, 16 June.

June 10, 2013

The museum will let fans reminisce about Fairuz's earlier music career.
11:02 GMT

The Beirut home of legendary singer Fairuz is now scheduled to be restored and turned into a museum, commemorating the life of the songstress.

It was down to the bottom three: Salma and Perwaz nervous and sad (photo from the show's Facebook page)
10:23 GMT

It was a sad Saturday night to be Salma Rachid or Perwaz Hussein. The two gals made it so close and yet so far from the end of the competition and were eliminated from the weekend's show, while Ragheb Alama gets a big a surprise.

Elwi and other artists will not let their Minster of Culture destroy their culture.
10:08 GMT

A number of artists and intellectuals continue to occupy the culture ministry headquarters in Zamalek, Cairo, insisting mostly on the removal of Culture Minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz.

The princess is here! Diana Haddad hits up Arab Idol as a guest star.
09:22 GMT

Diana Haddad busted out a remix of Samira Tawfiq’s music as a form of tribute, along with a variety of her own songs, new and old, on set of Arab Idol on Friday night.

Nancy, Anthony and ballet in Beirut for August- what more could one ask for?
08:45 GMT

For the second August in as many years, Beirut Holidays promises to pump Beirut Souks with a wide range of local and international performers beginning with the renowned Nancy Ajram.

Doomed by Hope covers (Photo from Eyad Houssami's Facebook page)
08:10 GMT

Eyad Houssami, editor of 'Doomed by Hope: Essays on Arab Theatre' interviews with Jadaliyya and shares his thoughts on what's facing contemporary Arab Theatre.

Suhair Ramzi will be stretched to perform her role in the Ramadan show in time.
04:00 GMT

It's crunch time, Baby, and Director Adel Al Aser is nowhere near ready. There are still so many deets to be worked out if the new TV drama 'Jadawil', starring Suhair Ramzi, will be ready in time for the Ramadan lineup.

June 9, 2013

Bieber is ready to see the moon up close. (Photo courtesy of Bieber's Facebook page)
13:00 GMT

Fans might have thought Justin Bieber's trip to Dubai was exotic, but now the region's favorite Canadian pop star has booked two tickets to outer space 'cause nobody can top that!