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October 1, 2013

Youssra and Hussein Fahmy took part in pro-Sisi demonstrations in New York. (Image:
13:13 GMT

Egyptian stars Youssra and Hussein Fahmy took to the streets of New York in pro-Sisi demonstration.

Elissa attended this year's Elie Saab show at Paris Fashion Week. (Image: Facebook)
10:54 GMT

Once again, superstar Elissa headed to Paris for the Elie Saab show at Paris Fashion Week.

Nirmeen Al Fiqi is mourning the death of her mother. (Image: Facebook)
10:04 GMT

Nirmeen Al Fiqi is sadly mourning the death of her mother.

Cord Newman kept the action coming through many Tinseltown on-screen shenanigans (Image:
09:22 GMT

With blockbuster hits like ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and 'Bad Boys 2' in his background, Hollywood stuntman Cord Newman is a Dubai resident now, but he's still got a life full of action.

Karim Abd El Aziz is going to perform Hajj this year. (Image: Karim official website)
09:06 GMT

As the Muslim Hajj season approaches, Egyptian actor Karim Abd El Aziz is preparing to perform his religious duties in Mecca. (Image: Facebook)
09:03 GMT

Here's the dish on where pop sensation is headed in his career, along with whom he deems his "favorite singer of all time", per his interview at Dubai Music Week.

Ghada Abdel Razek is all smiles that she snagged the leading lady role. (image: Facebook)
08:21 GMT

On the brink of canceling her career, Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek decides to stay in the biz and play the leading role in the TV drama “Shajar Al Durr”, much to the relief of fans.

Messi on Nancy Ajram's mind
07:43 GMT

What does a sports website want to know about Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram? No, not anything about her latest album or the next season of Arab Idol, but about her favorite sports and footballers!

Shjoon Alhajri revealed to fans that she is adopted. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

This week, Kuwaiti actress Shjoon Alhajri shocked fans by announcing that she's adopted.

September 30, 2013

Tamer Hosny has plenty of work projects on his agenda this year. (Image: Facebook)
11:47 GMT

Although Tamer Hosny has just become a daddy, he's got plenty of music and film projects on his agenda this year.

Amr Diab's still smiling, despite the criticism (Image: Facebook)
10:52 GMT

Amr Diab’s new nickname is “flip flop Jan” after fans just don’t get his use of slippers in the new music video ‘Al Leila’ (Tonight).

Duraid Lahham (Image:
09:58 GMT

If it isn't realistic, it isn't impressive. At least that Duraid Lahham's view of Ramadan dramas.

Syrian actress Nisreen Tafish was the latest celeb to experience the bitter taste of divorce. (Image: Facebook)
09:43 GMT

Nisreen Tafish's five-year marriage has come to an end, but she's not thinking of marrying any time soon.

"Bethlehem" wins at Ophir Awards (Image: Facebook)
09:39 GMT

"Bethlehem" film beat odds at Israel's Ophir Awards, winning the top prize, and now will be the country's entry in the foreign language film race for an Academy Award.

Actress Zeina wants to star in something special. (Image: Facebook)
09:15 GMT

We haven't seen her on the small or big screen for four years now. But what's the real reason behind actress Zeina's absence from the scene?