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August 21, 2013

Amr Diab was filmed secretly holding a concert in Greece. (Image: Facebook)
12:41 GMT

Uh Oh! Singer Amr Diab has landed himself into trouble by holding a concert surrounded by naked women in Greece!

Singer Sherine Abdel Wahab with her two daughters Mariam and Hana. (Image: Facebook)
11:30 GMT

Egypt has been highly unstable for a long time now, and with getting things dangerous and out of hand, singer Sherine Abdel Wahab has decided to take her kids and run off to Morocco for safety.

Majida El Roumi smiles away knowing that she's told the truth about her Bahraini citizenship. (Image: Facebook)
11:11 GMT

Majida El Roumi is a proud Lebanese singer, but news circulating the internet are claiming that she's now a resident of Bahrain too! Hmmm...

Egyptian actress Elham Shahin accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being terrorists. (Image: Facebook)
10:08 GMT

Renowned Egyptian actress Elham Shahin has expressed her deepest sorrow at the daily bloodshed of innocent lives caused by what she described as “the terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Myriam Fares back to work from her luxurious holiday in Greece. (Image: Facebook)
09:47 GMT

Myriam Fares has had a month off to relax, and probably tan, in the beautiful Islands in Greece; but now she's back in full throttle to start off her new work projects.

Actress Rania Youssef is devastated over political chaos in her native Egypt. (Image: Facebook)
09:20 GMT

Egyptian actress Rania Youssef is amongst Egyptian stars distraught over the current situation in Egypt. She's even put her work commitments on hold to support her country.

Singer Ramy Essam gained tremendous popularity during the 25 January Revolution. (Image: Facebook)
09:00 GMT

During the Hosni Mubarak Revolution, Ramy Essam launched himself as a singer of the people against the regime. Now, Essam can't find his voice within the chaotic political situation in Egypt.

RIP Rafiq El-Sabban. (Image: Facebook)
08:56 GMT

Renowned Syrian film critic and screenwriter Rafiq El-Sabban has sadly passed away in Egypt on Saturday.

Dance tune ‘Dubai’, by Norwegian act Proglifter and remixed by Boxer and Forbes is featured on Soundcloud. (Image: 7Days)
08:19 GMT

Dubai is the place to be whether it is for fashion, food, shopping or festivals. Norwegian DJ Proglifter has released a new dance track named after the beautiful city.

Ahlam revealed as a supporter of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. (Image: Facebook)
05:00 GMT

Millions of Egyptians cheered when Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was ousted and got thrown into jail. Now that he's being released, singer Ahlam is happier than ever.

August 20, 2013

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad (Image: Facebook)
13:08 GMT

It’s time for Diana Haddad to get out of Dodge (err Dubai) and get the cameras rolling for her latest music video on location in Turkey.

Cate Blanchett arrives at the Dubai International Film Festival 2012. (Image: Facebook)
09:12 GMT

Students, media and industry professionals, get yourselves ready as it's now your chance to sign up for a place at the annual Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).

Ramy and Haifa getting personal in new music vid
09:07 GMT

It’s been nearly a year in the making, but now we only have moments to wait until the romantic duet featuring Haifa Wehbe and Ramy Ayach will be released.

Ehmej Festival 2013 has an all-star lineup!
09:05 GMT

It's gonna be happenin'!!! Stars like Ramy Ayach, Wael Kfoury, Fares Karam, and Haifa Wehbe will be hitting up the Jbeil village of Ejmej this week.

Politically-active actress Hala Sedik devastated over conditions in Egypt. (Image: Facebook)
08:40 GMT

Egypt has been as politically-unstable as it can get in the past few years, and Egyptian actress Hala Sedik is mourning the terrible state her country is in.